adidas Rose 3.0 - Mens - Aluminum/Black/Light Scarlet

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  1. usedtobecool
    "adidas Rose 3 (Alt. Away)"
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    Dec 28, 2012
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    Pros - Solid traction, comfortable foam-based cushion, secure fit
    Cons - Takes some time to break in traction
    Quality: The upper is a synthetic nubuck with solid rubber outsole. It feels like a quality product.

    Fit/Comfort: These fit true to size, but were a bit tight/snug around the midfoot when worn out of the box. After a few games, the upper broke in to a more comfortable fit. The cushion is responsive for a foam cushion and heal-to-toe transition is smooth.

    Support/Stability: The secure fit of the shoe combined with the Sprint Frame offer good support. My foot was locked down with no slippage.

    Traction: Full-length herringbone, took a few games to break in. The traction was excellent on a clean court. I did play on a fairly dusty court later and they really struggled traction-wise, but the court was pretty dusty.

    Overall: This is a great guard shoe with quality materials/tech and adidas continues to improve on the Rose line from shoe to shoe. Personally, I'm not too happy with the price even with the slight discount I got on these. It is a great performance shoe, so if you're willing to spend the money, then these are as good a choice as anything on the market right now.