Nike Free Flyknit + - Mens - Electric Green/White/Bright Crimson/Blue Glow

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  1. newtotheshoes
    "free flyknit close but far from perfection"
    Pros - comfortability for a while
    Cons - where the sockliner hits the heel irritates
    First things first I am writing this as someone who has not worn this barefoot and solely with socks. With that out the way the shoe fits great like most athletic shoes buy a size up to me that is a necessity for this shoe since the size up fits like my true size (could be me wearing socks though). The comfortability is the same as most free 5.0 (that being a good thing). Also the shoe feels nice and snug on your foot thanks to the flyknit. The worst part of the shoe to me comes with long wear sessions of the shoe. The problem coming from the the elastic flyknit part (if it is elastic) where you fit your foot into, after long sessions of the shoe i started feeling some irritation in my heel with the pain getting worse, so bad i had to slip the shoe off. This might have been the result of wearing short socks, this problem may persist if you wear these barefoot, but wearing long crew socks may negate this irritation. The shoes are worn by me at least everyday of the week but as soon as i get home they come straight off.