Under Armour Anatomix Spawn - Mens - Midnight Navy/White/White

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  1. usedtobecool
    "Under Armour Micro G Anatomix Spawn"
    Pros - Tight fit for foot containment, responsive cushion, great bang for your buck
    Cons - Probably not viable for people with wide feet, good traction but not the best
    I finally got to try out this shoe after hearing good some good things. First off, the shoes fit extremely tight coming out of the box. It took a few days of breaking in, but the fit loosened up, but still contains the foot well. This would likely be a problem for people with wide feet and if you do have significantly wide feet, I would advise against getting these. Flexion at the forefoot was a bit stiff at first and also took a few days to break in. The Micro G cushion is firm and responsive and I prefer a firm cushion like this over the softer lunarlon in the Kobe 8, which I was wearing before. The only real con for me was the traction, which wasn't bad, but wasn't the best either. The indoor court I play on isn't the cleanest, it only gets cleaned periodically. There was some minor slippage when coming to hard stops and I had to keep wiping the bottoms. On the same courts, I had no issues with slippage in the Kobe 8's.

    This is a really solid shoe, especially if you prefer firm/responsive cushion. The fit is nice and tight for people with normal feet and the price is really nice. Traction may be an issue depending on court conditions, but it's not a deal breaker.