1. The Sins Of Tonya Harding

    Retro 88' Legit Check Please

    Hey guys/girls, I'm new to NikeTalk and despite there being a wealth of info on how to tell a real from a fake I don't trust my own eyes. One minute I'm convinced a shoe is absolutely real and one bad stitch lands me back on shaky ground. That and for every horrible fake you see there's one...
  2. gmax

    LC on Fragment Jordan 1

    Good deal but still lot of money so I was hoping to get other things guy seems trustworthy but you never know
  3. jonwin

    Worn Size 12 Jordan V "Metallic" (2007) - $180 OBO

    Condition: Worn (Great condition) Size: 12 Jordan V "Metallic" (2007 release) Asking for $180 OBO (PayPal only) Ship only to USA address and confirmed PayPal address First one to send payment along with matching the above requirements will get the shoes. Not looking for trades. See pics...
  4. gmax

    Off White Jordan 1 Collaboration

    Are these legit..? Found these one ebay.. Source seems pretty knowledgeable and has great feedback and but price seems too good to be true ood feedback
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