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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)—Michael Jordan has struck a deal to buy controlling interest of the Charlotte Bobcats, putting the former NBA superstar in charge of the money-losing team in his home state.

Traci Blunt, a spokeswoman for owner Bob Johnson, told The Associated Press that Jordan was able to put together an ownership group late Friday to buy the team he has been a part-owner of since 2006. Jordan has been running the team’s basketball operations.

The purchase price and details of Jordan’s ownership group—called MJ Basketball Holdings LLC—weren’t immediately available. Blunt said Johnson would have no further comment.

Former Houston Rockets executive George Postolos also bid on the Bobcats and didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment.

NBA commissioner David Stern announced at All-Star weekend that a deal was imminent, but the league’s owners must still approve the purchase.

It will end Johnson’s stint as the first black majority owner of a major professional sports team, while giving Hall of Famer Jordan a new venture.

Jordan won six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls and has made millions selling sneakers, apparel and other items. Now he’ll begin a completely different role trying to make the Bobcats a winner, and the franchise and Charlotte’s downtown arena profitable.

After paying $300 million for the expansion franchise that began play in 2004-05, Johnson has lost tens of millions of dollars each season as the Bobcats have struggled to draw fans and find sponsorships.

Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, recruited Jordan to be a minority investor and gave him the final say on all basketball decisions.

Jordan has had a unique role with the Bobcats. While he has run the basketball operations, he’s not officially a team employee and rarely attends practices or games, or does work on the marketing side of the operation.

Jordan has had some missteps—drafting the disappointing Adam Morrison(notes) No. 3 overall in 2006—but he was also able to lure Hall of Famer Larry Brown to become coach at the beginning of last season.

Jordan and Brown have made seven trades involving 21 players since the start of last season. The November acquisition of Stephen Jackson(notes) from Golden State has helped Charlotte get into playoff contention in the Eastern Conference.

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   Mods, this may be my bad as this should go to the S/T Forum but I'll try to relate this to Jordan Brand in particular by throwing out the joke/notion that JB could/should throw Adidas out the window with this. I know that's far fetched as the Adidas contract is league-wide, which ofcourse cover any team, including the Bobcats. So "smoke but no cigar" there. But however from a Business standpoint, this definitely opens up additional commercial earnings for JB in the Charlotte area by providing team exclusive merchandise...We saw how Jordan himself in a team practice a few years ago was very quick to cover up the Adi logo on some Bobcat sweats and now that the team is actually his (subject to league finalization and approval)...we might see some more definite Bobcat JB merchandise....

 Note the tape on the chest...Familiar huh?
 MJ Da OwNeR!!!
! (MaZe, this just seemed right

Question though, would this conflict with the Adi contract, in which the Bobcats can incur fines for having an NBA team logo associated with another brand other than just regular sponsorship?

 There were a few tee's like this floating around somewhere online with Jumpman logo's- I think Eastbay...not there now though...maybe EastbayRep can clarify that.

And a quick analysis here, in terms of the franchise...this is probably a good move, basketball and business-wise as we all know Mike has wanted to be an owner for a while and it has been said MANY times that he enjoys golfing rather than scouting and attending practices and games etc...Jordan now has the Final...FINAL say/approval on who can be recruited as head of Basketball Operations, if he chooses to relinquish the role and concentrate on ownership duties (which I think would be the right and logical move- next season). That way personal interests and business aren't clashing, and now more draft "disasters" as was Kwame Brown and Adam Morrsion won't be a situation of blood on his hands....I'm not expecting Mark Cuban-like enthusiasm and money spending but this I think has the potential to be a great earner for the Bobcats and ofcourse MJ/JB in terms of spinoffs and maybe set the trend for former Pro Legends to run/own teams...Magic or Larry next anyone? (We know they don't have the revenue clout like MJ with his amazing Brand but maybe, just maybe...who know's Lebron could end up like this too)

Discuss yall
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Originally Posted by Cicero Avenue Dopeman

more Bobcats colorways
oooohhhh yessssss....and if this season has been any indication of what there is and yet to come from this new deal...It's going to be a fire hazard in Charlotte for colorways!!!


And just to set the flavour a lil bit...guy's like BP and other talented PSers can probably chime in with some Air Jordan Retro Bobcat colourways...I'd honestly love to see some XIIIs and XIVs
! Can't wait for that retro heat wave to hit...

 The best of the Bobcat PEs EVER! As I said in the original post, if this is to be the taste of what is to come....I'm loving this Bobcat PE era more with this news now...



 When are we gonna see a Bobcat colourway 2010 JB?

And we all saw what some other team kicks like the 6rings looked like as well...so even without his ownership the hot PEs would be coming but this just might help make it more widespread
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^ nice 6s
....but they look more like a NY cw though...the blue is a lil too royal compared to the navy with that grey-i$h tint on the 'cats uni's...but still nice. Keep 'em coming...Might never know...something seen here, could possibly be something similar used on court next season (wishful thinking maybe, but again...ya neva know
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bobcats gear sold at the stadium is officially licensed by jordan already so should have no problem with adidas as it hasnt been a problem in the past. being from charlotte i hope mike can turn it around for us!
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^oh really..didnt know they sold them at the arena...and no difference....but still
@ the possibilities!
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even though im a bulls fan for life i would still rock some jordan brand bobcat gear curious to see what happens with that
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I heard on NBA today podcast that if they keep paying him to run the show... Why would he want to own

also those 6s are clean!!!
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My first reaction is that if the Bobcats continue to lose money, this could impact JB either way. MJ might decide that he needs JB to earn more in order to help offset the costs. Maybe JB decides to release more shoes with less expensive materials, or maybe they decide to revamp and go the premium way with more expensive classics at higher prices. Either way, losing money one hand will have an affect on what he does on the other.
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