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Gotta give the green eyed bandit a break, he's probably pushing near 50. Not everyone can be blessed like Nasir. :lol:
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Jada in Jets Santana Moss jersey [emoji]128588[/emoji][emoji]128588[/emoji][emoji]128588[/emoji][emoji]128588[/emoji]... Still miss him.

:tongue:uts on flame suit: I know I'm gonna sound AYO but Nicki wearing the 6's in the pic actually turned me off. I was like [emoji]128563[/emoji][emoji]128563[/emoji][emoji]128563[/emoji] then saw her feet and was like [emoji]128533[/emoji][emoji]128533[/emoji].
She could have had on Lil B's vans and I still wouldn't have gave a damn.
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You dudes are wild

Natural Nicki could definitely get it all day though...
..you crazy, bruh. When I think "Natural Nicki"..I think PRE fame..PRE surgery..

aka THIS. 

I can't. Seriously. 

She's never admitted that was her but (in my mind..) clearly it IS.
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