★★ Big Brother 21 Premires Tuesday June 25, 2019 Cast Update 1st Page★★

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I like to keep in mind, the jury doesn't see all that we see on tv. The diary room confessions, the alliance meetings, etc. Jury only sees what happens to them and others who walk into the jury house. If Tyler was responsible for it all from their POV, makes sense Kaycee would dub.
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Tyler should of won ..... he was puppet master the entire season ..... he wasn’t in the back ground .... he was lying and setting up people from the beginning ..... smh
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Ehh its not like this is something new. I dont know how far back it goes but bitter jurors have been a thing for a while now.
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So the rumors about Bayleigh were true, she was pregnant, she found out the day before she went on the block, miscarried in the jury house
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Chris the type to steal someone elses nickname, make gang signs with his right hand and balloon animals with his left hand
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As cornball as Chris was, his exit was the beginning of the end of this season's watchability for me lol.
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This show needs an all-star season desperately.

Also need to get Julie Moonves out the paint and let Dr. Will host.
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Just caught up on the current season of big brother uk, really enjoying this season. Had a hard time trying to watch some of the older seasons in the past but this one is on youtube :pimp:

Davina McCall > Julie Chen
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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 looks lit. Something tells me Lolo won't get along well with Tom Green.

"Joining Scaramucci in the Big Brother house will be Blossom actor Joey Lawrence, swimmer and controversial Olympic figure Ryan Lochte, momager Dina Lohan, former O.J. Simpson trial curiosity Kato Kaelin, former wrestler Natalie Eva Marie, singers & reality TV personalities Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss, former NFL star Ricky Williams, comedian Tom Green, track and bobsled star Lolo Jones, and Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett."


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I never watch the show but have this year because I briefly met Kato once, and now I'm hooked after watching the first couple episodes. I went from not caring that this show exists to having a free trial on POP and watching some of the last couple days' extra footage. :lol:
Joined Jun 7, 2014
Still a little salty about Tyler losing last season :lol:

Maybe I’ll watch but if I lower my expectations I won’t be disappointed
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See how long I can last with this one. The last few seasons have fallen flat towards the end for me lol
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