⚽️THE FOOTY THREAD: Choc des Olympiques, Chelsea v United, Leicester v Arsenal, Villarreal v Atleti, Roma v Inter

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formerly hhaze
Joined Feb 19, 2016
Madrid really lost to a b side with a decent line up 😂

Edit: and they were on a red. 😂😂

Edit: and their keeper is 43 years old 😂😂😂

Zizzou is a fraud
Surprised it took til next day to notice. I would think you(closet Real Madrid fan) would be foaming in the mouth to say something 😂 lol
Joined Dec 23, 2009
Omgoooood Pool cant buy a goal. No matter what they do some Burnley unit is there to block the shot.
Joined Mar 16, 2010

400+ minutes in counting and zero goals in 2021...

Klopp has been too focused on other squads penalty numbers when he should've been focusing on his attack :lol:
Joined Mar 16, 2010
Let’s see if United fans have this same energy when City wins their game in hand and leapfrogs them on the table.
A single point is different to 6-7 back man :lol:

Just funny how you guys are scoreless in the league ever since Klopp namedropped United unprovoked
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