12/2014 Air Jordan 11 Retro - White/Black-Legend Blue - 378037-117 NO GM TALK ALLOWED!


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Just let these go knowing the remaster version is inevitable and the leather should be better. My Legend Blues were a pretty good pair though minus that paper leather on the uppers. It was the worst part of my pair; PL height wasn't that bad after mixing and matching like 3 pairs.
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Could someone post a picture of the clear plastic insert for the 2014 Legend Blue 11's (the "Tinker Made Em Shine..." clear plastic insert/cover)? Specifically, I need the a picture of the side that shows the part number in the upper left corner.

Bonus if you also have the Gamma Blue 11 insert and can post the same picture.

I can't seem to find pictures of this anywhere, but I need it to check whether my inserts are switched. Thank you.
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These weren't the worst of the last round of retro xis. I found these and the pantone pair to be the best of that go around. That being said, I hope we get a remastered pair in the next few years.
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