#!$: 17 Year Old Girl Arrested For Cursing At A 911 Operator VIDEO.

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America's law enforcement needs to be restructured from top to bottom.

Some serious flaws....
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Damn that makes cops everywhere look bad

Too bad they cant just sue the #@**$** cip his did that instead of the city
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Originally Posted by Gordon Gekko 979

Originally Posted by arrjae

cops are

yes all cops are awful, god forbid them risking their lives to protect us! man, those greedy bastards
Stop it, typical cop out answer from a blind supporter.

Granted, there are good cops that do help society.

However, there are a lot of bad cops.
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Wow that is really messed up. That girl should not have gotten arrested. She did what any other person would have done under that situation.
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As a 911 dispatcher I am digusted with that dispatcher you have to understand no one calls 911 for anything "good" he should have got the callerslocation and the problem and dispatched the call, so what she dropped a f bomb I take calls where people curse the whole time as long as it is not directed atme I could careless

As with any job their are good people and bad people
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has he always been a dispatcher? maybe hes mad because he was given that new job title recently after doing other "more important" work? either way,what a bad way about doing his job.. he's the type of person that if you disrespected him in the slightest sense, he would go crazy. imagine him as a copcatching speeders.. you talk to him the wrong way and youre either dead or in prison on some bogus charge.. he's better off being fired
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wow I feel like smacking that officer in the face

by the way that chick can get it, but smh @ cops
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