1999-2003 Acura TL 3.2 enter with thoughts.


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Im thinking of copping one ???

pros and cons ?

i have read they have ****** issues , but over all they are nice whips.

are they reliable and easy maintenance like the hondas ?
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Acura = Honda.

And I believe that the manual transmission is the one with the problems. So I think you'll be safe with an auto. Can anyone confirm?
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Get the Type S if you do and they are nice, but I would avoid them based on the Transmission recall they had.  If you purchase one, make sure the Transmission was replaced under warranty and has been serviced regularly.  
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I have an 03 TL type S I'm on my third ****** but other than that its a great car and I love it.

dens415 it wasn't manuals with issues in fact they didn't make type S in manuals during those model yrs also
in a lot if ways yes Acura is similar to Honda but ad is the luxury version and if ac is the same as Honda then Lexus = Toyota and infiniti=nissan
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think lexus repairs are cheap since it's a toyota? just sayin man depends where you live, if you got an auto shop that does well with acuras speak with them

i had a friend with a mid 90's legend that was hell to mess wit
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