1999 Black Cement IV Wearable?( PICS ADDED)

Mar 30, 2007
Here the scoop.. I bought these from a guy who hasn't worn them in 5 years because he outgrew them. They were worn casually over the first 3 years. There is no signs of cracking and there is no fogging in the air chamber. I would rate them 9 out of 10. They were stored in a cool, dry dark place and they were obvisously taken care of. So with that being said, has anyone got any feedback or experiences they would like to share? I dropped $300+ on these grails plan on wearing them. I pretty much would like to hear from people how long and how often they wore them before they fell apart and noticed cracking. Thank you in advance...

Here is the area of concern. There is a tiny separation from the seude and the midsole....


Here's pics of the air chamber...


I'd say they are fine to wear if they were broken in before, but walk lightly around your house in them first because they haven't been worn in such a long time
I'd say they are fine to wear if they were broken in before

I bought mine used off of ebay in VNDS condition and I have been wearing them everyday for the past 2 years as my everyday shoe. I've even balled in them a couple of times without any problems at all.
However, every shoe is different. I think you also need to consider the occasion for the wear, the weather condition that you are in and also the environment.

Thanks and gig'em.
post pics of the midsole and air unit and maybe we can give a better answer...
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^^^ Thanks, I was wondering if the silica would dry them out even more making the midsoles more brittle... Good looks
my friend was joking about using moisturizing lotion on the midsoles to allow for water absorption, but i'ver never been brave enough to try it lol. if you see it cracking and there is no alternative, try it and let me know!
^^^ I only use moisturizing lotion for one thing and it aint for midsoles... But if i try it ill let you know.
i would definitely put some leather conditioner on them to get them from cracking etc but id glue that area of separation with some glue or something so it doesnt split mroe. but i def think some leather cleaner or conditioner would be a good idea (IMO)
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