2 Jobs what should i do? Vol. 2 week notice


Joined Jan 13, 2010
Ok i have a job interview 2moro 4/6, but the thing is Im currently employed and Im just looking for a better job ( the interview is for a better job) so my question is what should I say in the interview 2moro when they ask why am I looking for a new job? I dont wanna sound like a fool and say Im just in it for the money. I would try 2 work both but i know i will probably have a big scheduel clash.

Also if they offer me the job do i have to put in a 2 week notice at my current job, which i have only been employed with for a month now. If they offer me a good price I want to leave my old job asap.

How should i handle this professionally? I never been in this kind of situation.
Joined May 25, 2001
lack of opportunity for professional progression and development at your current job
Joined Feb 3, 2010
If they ask simply answer "If I get the job here I will be quitting at my other job"
Done deal worked for me before
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