2 on 2: Kobe & LBJ vs. MJ & Pip Vol: Who you taking?

Joined Apr 4, 2009
Serious discussion here, because I think it's a compelling argument. MJ has the advantage over Kobe (sorry KB24 d-riders) & LBJ obviously has the upperhand over Pip (lets get serious now
). Up to 21 by 1's, WHO YOU TAKING?

Joined May 17, 2006
MJ & Pip >> all of Team USA.

I mean, we're talking about the greatest player of all time and perhaps the top 2 defensive players in history vs. Bron and Kobe.

No contest, imo.

I guess people here really have forgotten or don't know how great MJ and Scottie were.

They were really great.
Joined Apr 4, 2009
I swear these "nostalgia" folks be d-riding on Mike too hard...Sure he's G.O.A.T. but dude IS human. LeBron completely evens this battle outIMHO.
Joined May 24, 2006
Scottie Pippen is no wear as good as Lebron. LBJ athleticism would cancel out anything Pippen could try to do.
Joined Jul 10, 2005
In terms of 1-on-1 skills: Jordan > Kobe > LeBron > Pippen

LeBron + Kobe > Jordan + Pippen
.. maybe on paper.. but Jordan + Pippen also have insane 6-rings chemistry.. so yeah, I revise..
Jordan + Pippen > LeBron + Kobe
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