$20 via paypal to whomever can help me unlock my iphone... ichat por favor

Joined Sep 17, 2006
My iphone 3gs just reset on me... had to go into recovery mode and update via itunes
It used to be unlocked with redsnow and all that, but I lost everything and can't remember how to do it all again...

$20 via paypal to whomever can PM me, log on to ichat and successfully help me jailbreak/unlock my phone again

thanks... (ps I the last time I jailbroke was on here too and I did the same paypal payout
Joined Sep 1, 2011
i know how to do it, but i'm doing homework right now.

i'm guessing you upgraded to 4.3.5?

i'll leave this open for someone else to help you out and get that money, but i'll probably be busy until midnight (PST).
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