2000th Post: "Nike Air Dominate" Rendering

Dec 16, 2005

Well here's something I came up with. Im not trying to get into the KG contest or anything, just putting my imagination on paper.

So basically the shoe is a team shoe like the H2K5. Lockdown fit is a key element in this shoe so its got a midfoot velcro strap that goes through the upper and actually touching the tongue instead of sitting on top of it. Flex grooves like the ZK1's but only one. Then I added a little H2K5 element with the tattoo design and a plastic heel counter for ankle support and air sole in the heel as cushioning.

Let me know what you think guys, thanks.
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raw rendering, i see alot in ur future, dont give up tha art thang, u mite be designing tha new amax
Nice stuff bro. Really cool, ideas well though out ideas put on to paper. Something you might want to pay attention to is, the shape, it helps to communicate the ideas a lot better when yopur shape is on point, study your shoes a bit, know what I mean? The toebox and lacebed are made up of one line, which most likely aint good. Otherwise neat ideas, how old are you?
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