2001 Allen Iverson Appreciation

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Man people forget how much of a monster he was. I was in awe watching his 2000-2001 season and the 2001 playoff performance on the East
. Although Kobe destroyed his chance at the chip in 2001....His great heart andskills will always be remembered.� It's time to say good bye cuz the current A.I has been garbage and his career is pretty much over.

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A.I. was the !$@* in middle school
I remember coming home from the last dance in 7th grade and my dad had game 1 of the NBA Finals on the radio and the Sixers pulled it out
Had me like
( since the lakers were undefeated in the playoffs and everybody wrote off the sixers)
but LA hit em with the backdoor sweep
. damn those were good times
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ive said this many times but iverson's mvp season is one of the greatest individual seasons in sports history.

dude dragged his team (sometimes kicking and screaming) to victory night in and night out.

season was also accompanied by the definitive iverson shoe, the answer iv.


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I miss him.....
..... pause

I don't think his career is over he is just in a bad situation.... needs to be traded!
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Funny you bring this thread up all the while i've been reading "Only The strong Survive" reminiscing on The Answers past lol. Very muchappreciated the series of Air Canada against AI was one of my faves to watch.
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Its still wierd not seeing him that Philly jersey. Him in his prime there was definitly appreciated.

Mister Meaner

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I still remember Nash's 2 MVP seasons, A.I. was putting up the best numbers of his career. I'm gonna sound like broken record, but had he had acontending team in the East, on of those seasons would have been his 2nd MVP. Either way, son is still that dude, and we must never forget that.

Hopefully his next 2 or 3 seasons prove more fruitful than the last.
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Yah Allen Iverson dragged a team a great defensive team that perfectly complimented his skills and attributes through one of the weakest eastern conferences inhistory.

People always exaggerate how bad his team was.
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That was an ideal team for Iverson to play in because everybody played defense (Snow, Mckie, Mutombo, Hill) and he could take all the shots he wanted.
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Iverson will always be that dude
but unfortunately, unless he putshimself in a position where he can be coached and be a teammate, then he will always and will be only that dude !! Sad, but he may have another 3 - 4 years andI'm afraid that he may not even reach the semis unless he can accept becoming a role player and leader...
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it's like he got into a dog fight every night after the all star game. btw, that all star game in itself is arguably one of my favorites.. EVER. AI, stephand kobe putting on a show in the final quarter. then when the playoffs came, they went a full seven against toronto and milwaukee.. and still managed to givethe lakers their only defeat of the postseason. that team had so much heart.
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I swear to yall--A.I. was my favoriteeeeeeeeeeeeee player back then (still up there now). Whenever he was on, I watched...sucks now cuz I'm fromMichigan and pistons are my team, and I barely watch him now..
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Rucker Park blowing up (marbury and terror squad)
And1 Mixtape
NBA Street

Anyone miss how hood basketball culture used to be

I wonder if it would still be as hood if there was no dress code. Would dudes still be comin to games in du-rags, xxxxxl t-shirts, and crazy chains
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one of the best to ever lace em up in our generation and arguably the best lil man of all time
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I don't know if he's done..... I think he still has some left in the tank just needs to find the right situation (not saying that will be easy)
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