2009-10...Phil Jackson might coach only HOME games....what do you think about that?

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Originally Posted by 255forLife

cats actin like they the ones that sign his checks.
exactly, and some of these dudes aren't even laker fans. let the organization worry about this.
if anything, were grooming the next head coach. dont see anything wrong with that.
we have a veteran team. even though the team is young, they have been battle tested and know what is needed to get things done.
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This is not going to work because team builds chemistry on the road not at home. It will be tougher for him than the players because when he watches the gameson TV, Phil knows that he should be there with the team.
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I've expressed my problems with Don Nelson only coaching half of the time. He's relegated his defensive responsibilities to his assistant coaches. Iknow there are other coaches in the league that relegate defense to the offensive coaches (Boston is one example) but I have a problem with Don Nelson becausehe's getting paid to be the FULL TIME COACH and he's doing half the work. Yes, Don Nelson sucks at defense but I don't give a damn. I think a headcoach should get input from the assistant coaches, but ultimately, it has to be the head coaches decision. Nelson's just putting everything in theassistant coaches hand. Reminds me of that one .gif of Mike Brown just standing off to the side while an assistant draws up the play
. Anyway, to me,it's a slap in the face because Nelson's got his damn contract extension and he coaches half the time. It just seems lazy to me for a guy that shouldbe retired/is close to being retired. Maybe it's because I hate Don Nelson so damn much, maybe that's why I have a problem with this.

If I feel that way with Don Nelson, maybe I should feel the same for Phil Jackson, who is also coaching half of the time (on the road vs at home). I wouldaccept this only if the coaches were taking a paycut but Don Nelson isn't taking one since he's got his damn contract extension
. I don't knowthe whole situation. Is Phil Jackson taking a paycut? Probably not because he already had his contract extension not too long ago, right?

In short, I don't like head coaches that coach half of the time to get paid like a head coach that coaches full time. Oh well, that's my two-cents.

Oh yeah, I realize that Phil Jackson has earned the right to do this, but I think I'll stay consistent with my feelings towards my head coach. If I hatethe head coach of my team for coaching half the time, I better stay consistent with any other coach that coaches half the time.
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Originally Posted by RetroBaller

Originally Posted by LiCeNseD To BaLL

Originally Posted by RetroBaller

Coach all 82 or dont coach at all

thanks for the words of wisdom
Its OK for Phil to coach half the games
but its not ok for Lamar to only play in half?
Lamar only plays in quarter anyways.....at best
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Executive76 wrote: [hr][/hr]Phil is that dude...but if he doesn't think he can handle a full season he should step down
the only coach who should step down is george karl

anyways phil should do whatever he wants...i dont have a problem with it
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I think it's a team decision. If they're comfortable with it, then it shouldn't be a problem. I mean, he has 10 championships, I'm pretty surehe won't lose his players.



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I don't really like it.

Of course the reasoning is along the lines of 'Phil is on his way out and Rambis has been here for awhile, so instead of handing him the reigns after Philleaves (which is right around the corner), we'll slowly usher Rambis in.'

What will happen, in my opinion, is this: the players will play 2 different styles. It doesn't even necessarily have to be two completely different stylesfor me to be concerned, but there will be two different styles.
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