2009 Air Max 1 OG Sport Red keeps holding water in the suede?

Joined Jan 27, 2020
Hi, so this is a big problem for me and seems to be quite literally my problem and know one else’s because I can’t find anything on this subject anywhere. I have now purchased 2 pairs of 2009 sport red and a 2012 sport red and all 3 have this weird thing where if the suede or synthetic suede gets wet(not water logged, just wet) it retains the water in the suede and is virtually impossible to get out. I tried heat guns, blow dryers, my dryer at this point I’m not sure what else I can do?


Joined Dec 13, 2020
more delicate leathers, such as raw, untreated vegetable tanned leather, or certain suedes and nubucks will be permamently stained by coming into contact with water; this stain might not be visible shortly after it dries, but it may come back as the leather ages more over time.

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