2011 Chrysler 200C cars (Chrysler Sebring replacement) and the 2011 Dodge Avenger

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I'm not sure if this is the final version of the 2011 Chrysler Sebring...

Sterling Heights Town Meeting Shows new Chrysler 200C inspired Sebring

Posted on March 18th 2010

A post on allpar.com just confirmed that the updated and heavily refreshed Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger (which are built in Sterling Heights Michigan) were just shown at an impromptu town hall meeting.

The post stated that the Avenger was still highly recognizable as an Avenger but the Sebring was heavily 200C inspired and that a convertible version would be offered.  Production is expected to begin later this year.

The heavy refreshing will also include re-tuned suspensions, brand new Pentastar V6 engines and MultiAir equipped 2.4L 4 cylinders offering more power with increased fuel economy.

The new interiors are said to be on par with Lexus.

These will be followed up by brand new versions of the Sebring and Avenger (new monikers are expected…especially for the Sebring) by 2012 when the cars will be based on Fiat C-EVO platforms but will be all Chrysler otherwise.  The new engines will be backed by 6-speed twin clutch transmissions and other serious upgrades that are expected to put the cars in the forefront of the competition.

More details as we gather them

This is an article from ALLPAR.COM

Back in November 2009, Sergio Marchionne announced the replacements for the current Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger; it seemed certain then that the Chrysler Sebring name would be dropped. The replacements will sit on the current cars’ core dimensions, but will have vastly different interiors, a retuned four-cylinder engine, a brand new six-cylinder engine, new transmissions, and retuned suspensions, along with changes to the sheet metal.

We have been told that the images on this page, renderings by JackRatchett, are dead ringers for the upcoming Chrysler Sebring replacement. They have the same key dimensions as the current Sebring.

ShapGirl wrote that sketches have been shown to employees, and that the Sebring replacement looks much like the Chrysler 200C concept car which was shown to much acclaim at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show:
The renderings here about the 200/Sebring are close (look for the Allpar photo of the 200C color rendering by Alex Peterson). Someone asked about the interiors and the guy said “no! we have to keep this all under wraps for the next six months.
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I dont know why.

Reminds me of the Genesis.

Rear is also looking like its biting off a 7 series/LS.

We need to see how its really going to look like when its for the public.
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RKO2004 wrote:[hr][/hr]Its American made so I'm sure this will turn into a crap on American cars thread 

 only because it's a fact 

new model, same ol' P
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Kinda has a Jaguar XF feel to it.

Not a bad car...for when I want to drive a Chrysler at 75 years old.
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Originally Posted by Russ tha G

fake car... those are just PS's, no?
Well I'm not sure. The top pic was the one that was showed at a meeting or something.

I think this car really resembles a Jag like the guy above said. I wonder what the final version will look like plus what the specs will be.
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Looks exactly like the Buick in the ad at the top of my page. I know they're renderings, but what's with the 335/10/20 tires though
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Originally Posted by Billy Hoyle

wheres the avenger?
I don't know. It was just in the title on the site.

Looks exactly like the Buick in the ad at the top of my page. I know they're renderings, but what's with the 335/10/20 tires though

I think they're mostly renderings but those are the ideas swirling I guess. 
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Originally Posted by ninjahood

looks like everything else on da road...
That's the only way NT will like it. If it looked like a EVO, this would be the best thing since hot wings.
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