2011 Concord 11 legit check

Joined Sep 20, 2007
These are quite possibly the worst pair of B-grade Concords I have ever seen.

The Jumpman on the back is wayyyyy too high past the 23, along with the fact that the 23 is put on horribly and too low just adds onto the fact.

Carbon fiber looks like roasted seaweed underneath a plastic shine. (Makes me want some seaweed)

The patent leather cut on these looks like they cut it with safety scissors. (Crappy ones at that)

The overall shape is off by a long shot, after looking at the side photos.

Verdict- I wouldn't even consider these legit B-grades. I would say they're fake, but some people make the argument that shoes that look this horrible are just early pairs and are legit. I don't. I wouldn't spend anywhere over $50 for these, and I would only buy them to sell them to some hypebeast who didn't know any better.

Don't be that hypebeast homie, keep looking. You'll find good pairs for a decent price if you just wait.
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