2013 College Football Thread (Realer than Real Deal Holyfield -->S/O Craftsy)

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:pimp: :pimp:

our d-backs jump higher than your favorite receiver
Welcome back Tyler Hunter :smokin

Dalvin Cook

Pender, Los, Ryan Green

if we could now just force Jimbo to call more run plays ......
This O-line returns 4 starters. We would only have to throw 40% of the time.
but, Jimbo will Jimbo. Gotta take the good with the bad at this point. He brought us out of the dredges, so let him throw it till the wheels fall off :lol:

Seriously though, Jimbo. Run the ball.
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Barring injury or the WR core being putrid Jimbo is not gonna tilt the run/pass ratio too far from where it was last year

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In about two years It's gonna be great to be an alumnus of both Umich and the Vols!! #GoBlue #GoBigOrange
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