2013 College Football Thread (Realer than Real Deal Holyfield -->S/O Craftsy)

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"We not worried 'bout no noise, we gunna BRING the noise!"

-Jaboo Winston

:pimp: :pimp: :pimp:

:lol: at all the 'noles fans on the field
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YOU are on a message board trying to make friends? YOU said you 'feel like being messy' like a broad then edited it out. YOU have posted in this thread prolly 100 times and have added zilch to it. YOU are gonna become the first poster I've ever blocked. YOU should go away. Talkin bout I stalk your posts to report you 
 the hell? Yea, you're clearly new here but your time is up
You mad?! Do what YOU do li daddy. Don't matter to me no way. YOU extra heated over an internet arguement. YOU worried too much bout me. YOU should get your priorities in order.
Theatricality and Deception; powerful agents to the uninitiated.

It ain't hard to tell who's mad here and those emoticons can't hide that. Worried about you..? Girl stop, you think too highly of yourself. Every time you mention Georgia ima remind you that your favorite team lost to them since you can't keep 'Cardo' out your mouth.

Bow down and praise your GAWD

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**** I might have to cancel my vacation to Orlando and just drive right up to tally and watch the game


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Eastern Washington :pimp:
Graduating from OSU and never stepping foot in that ***hole of the PNW called Corvallis :pimp:
Highway 34 East out of Corvallis :pimp:
Highway 34 West out of Corvallis :pimp:
Highway 99W North out of Corvallis :pimp:
Highway 99W South out of Corvallis :pimp:
i'm currently attending oregon state and i hate this mudhole of a city. surrounded by farmland in every direction. getting stuck behind john deer tractors fooooorrrrrreeeeeevvvvveeeerrrr
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That's not Winston lol
it's FSU doe...they all look alike Dre lol jk jk jk jk

Edit: too buzzed to pay attention to minor details. Point remains the same. Famous Jameis is the front runner at this point.
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