2015 U.S. Open - Chambers Bay

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Joined Jul 18, 2012
I've always watched the Major's when I can, but it's funny how having it in your backyard can make you that much more interested...And honestly, all the talk about this course being different, being a links-like course or too difficult for a U.S. Open makes me that much more intrigued. This course is great and I enjoy the uniqueness. Can't wait to see how the players fare, but who can take advantage of such a difficult course.

Go Tiger!
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Would be nice to see Tiger win, but it ain't happeneing. Course looks sick though :pimp:
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Tiger sucks now, sad to see :smh:

Course looks incredible though. Would like Rickie to win
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Like to see Fowler or Dustin Johnson win.

Like the look of the course. Greens seem surprisingly soft today,mthat will change as week progresses
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This 12th hole is awesome (DTV currently featuring the 12th and 15th hole as one of its channels)...The fairway bends all around, but these guys are hitting it at the very top of the green and it's rolling right back down towards the hole. It's a lot more entertaining seeing if it has a chance to go in that way then, having the green flat and knowing the result right when the ball is hit. 

So far 
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Tiger, Fowler and Oosthuizen the next featured group to tee of on DTV, channel 703 if you care. About 10 more minutes....

Good grouping. 
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When did Fox puck up the U.S. Open? I kinda like their broadcast. I should say their coverage since I'm flipping between a few of their broadcasts, but didn't it used to be NBC?


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Brutal. He's just not got it at all right now, tough to watch. There are going to be plenty of kids now who don't even remember him when he was killing the game.
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@nbc losing the us open. doesnt feel right.

was hoping jason  day would win but doesnt look that way :frown:
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Man feel horrible for DJ right there. So much pressure just couldn't finish it up

Spieth on top of the golf world right now, Rory needs the motivation
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