2017 Non-NBA Summer Basketball Official Thread (Goodman, Drew, etc...)

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Good post! I'm at the Drew league all the time.

Pretty cool to see all these games live for free!

Just peeped Brandon Jennings n D. wright at the park in the hood playing flag football yesterday.
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Beasley down the Goodman yesterday. Stunk it up. Fan heckeled him and told him, "You are the biggest dude out there and you only have 1 rebound." This went on for about 10 mins. :lol:
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The Game looks like he scores strictly on guys smaller than him :lol:
I can't stand watching dude play! :smh:

Dude is out of control and literally pouts when he gets cookied and D'd up. Stays trying to fight cats while his whole crew and bodyguard stand sidelines.

His game is not all that to me :rolleyes
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at .32 in that video, was the white kid trevor ****ey? (SG at syracuse)
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at .32 in that video, was the white kid trevor ****ey? (SG at syracuse)
That was actually me lol :tongue:

Games at UCLA have been picking up, heard KG got into it with one of the Weir twins :smh:
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That was actually me lol :tongue:

Games at UCLA have been picking up, heard KG got into it with one of the Weir twins :smh:

no BS was that really you? look like you can get a couple buckets when you want to...

i would love to see my mans KG in pick up... :lol: Lulz for days i bet.
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For the Drew League, Yes and free to watch.
Can't just watch games at Ucla though right? If you're there, you have to play? At least that's what I was always thought...?
Na u can go up there n watch. General rule is jus dnt bother the players for pics/autos

Lol damn kg
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Gil :nthat:

Marcus Williams :wow: Haven't seen him on the court in a minute. I always thought he would be a real solid PG off the bench coming out of UConn. He showed some flashes with the Nets, but when he got traded he was never able to find a role.
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^ He didn't last in the nba because he does not play D. Can shoot and has handles but would not play D.

Pic gallery from Nick Young's b-day....complete w/ Javaris Crittendon out on bail :lol:

I was hoping to see Marcus Williams and his team play today but it got cancelled during the first quarter due to cats about to fight and players leaving the bench :smh:

Can't wait until Juyly 1st n after to see the NBA cats play :smokin
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2013 Drew League NBA Player Preview
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By Lauren Jones, DrewLeague.com

Where else can you find packed stands, screaming fans, NBA players and quality basketball for free? Guaranteed nowhere other than the Drew League in July. This is the moment you have all been waiting for, NBA players are now able to join League teams and compete. If the competition thus far is any indication of how this season will go, then one can only imagine how crazy it will get. The King-Drew gym will never see so much action from basketball elites.

Fans have been spotting NBA players who drop by to support their intended Drew League teams or just to show support of players. As of July 1st, those Drew League regulars are able to finally play. It is a rule that NBA players are not allowed to play in competing leagues until the conclusion of the NBA season.

Brandon Jennings is returning this season to play for Tradition, which can use all the help they can get as they currently hold a 1-6 record.

Philadelphia 76ers, Nick Young, will join the Most Hated Players (MHP) alongside Denver Nuggets’ Javale McGee. With Young, McGee and the squad that MHP already has, their 3-4 record could really turn around for the remainder of the summer.

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors is set to join his brother Mychel Thompson and free agent Austin Daye on CABC.

The #2 ranked team in the Alvin Willis Division of the League; Kings of LA will add Dorell Wright who was recently signed by the Portland Trailblazers. Wright also has confirmed DeRozan’s teammate Amir Johnson of the Toronto Raptors will be coming to assist the Kings of LA.

That is still no match for the #1 team in the League, Money Gang. Last year, The Game brought J.R. Smith, Metta World Peace, Paul George, Chris Brown and DeMar DeRozan to play for the Money Gang. Although DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors is the only confirmed addition to the Money Gang thus far, it is safe to assume that The Game has some other surprises.

These are only the confirmed NBA players for this season, but the beauty of the Drew is that one never knows just who might walk into King-Drew gym. In recent years, players such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and James Harden have played in games at the Drew League. Make sure you’re at King-Drew just in case one of these NBA greats decides to stop by. Basketball does not get much better or more raw than this. You don’t want to miss out!
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Smh @ cats coming up here to the Drew League with bags of memorabilia to get signed!

Lol I just sat here n watched Darren collision and harden give these cats the gas face. They just knew they would get autographs too smh coming up here with mad portraits.

Some sign but it appears they don't sign cats try think are running a biz aka get a gang of autographs then throw em on eBay soon as they leave.


Good seeing J A Adandae come through n show his face.
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