2018-19 NFL offseason thread: Vontaze a Burfict fit for Raiders

Discussion in 'Sports & Training' started by macbk, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. getback


    Dec 27, 2014
    Not surprised you had a bad time. Both extremely gentrified, white college aged, uppity neighborhoods.

    Should've at least stayed in Mission Hill or Fields Corner/DOT.

    Sounds like you won't be back though.
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    Jan 1, 2013

    Being a White QB that’s 6’4, 220 is undefeated. There’s always a spot for you.
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    nako xl

    Jul 12, 2006
    Yeah I mean I've been all over Boston and outer Mass, but it's just not somewhere I could see myself living an extended period of my life anymore. I still visit multiple times a year. I've got love for Boston and its angry women.
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    Dec 27, 2014
    Of course. New York is much bigger.

    They're both like 25% black though.

    New York just has a hell of a lot more heads.
  5. The rumors were Tate to the patriots, given what we seen of their offense in the past it's not hard to see how he would fit

    As an eagles fan, I was invested to see what compensatory pick we could potentially get because of the contract he would sign

    The Giants have a pretty good slot receiver in Shepard and it doesn't seem like they would want to add a player like Tate given his age and the other moves they have made and team needs

    I don't want to live in any of the 50 states in the US, while I do enjoy visiting from time to time
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  6. Nike Jordan

    Nike Jordan

    Jun 28, 2002
    With the current bull**** that's going on, I don't even blame you.
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  7. Brass is idiots. It was worth a try. fans would’ve supported Bridgewater.
    Exactly why I’m from south Florida and never root for the dolphins
  8. I mean that stuff affects the world and we especially catch it since we depend a lot on America and Americans.. I just like being able to access, I mean I'm usually over there at least every other month worst case every 3 months.. but I had enough for high school and college
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    May 1, 2011
    I love living in Cali. Will never leave
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    Aug 8, 2005
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  11. Now that he's not a Charger? Probably all 16. That lightening bolt is cursed.

    Yeah, I just find it funny how so many have suddenly done a 180 on their opinions of OBJ, simply because the Giants are dumb and messed up. The OBJ slander was picking up steam since the boat trip then went into hyperdrive after his interview last season. It wasn't a good look and can easily be assumed that it caused derision in NYs locker room. And unless the Browns have strong leadership, the same thing probably happens again. Cleveland looks great on paper at the moment, but are still the Browns until proven otherwise.

    Make no mistake about it though, the Giants messed it up, but as I started, it's just funny how everyone is going out there way to praise the guy now, seemingly only out of spite for the Giants.

    I'm good with that since he restructured.

    Tate's a real solid player, so I can understand it, but there's definitely questions. Is he gonna be Philly Tate or Detroit Tate? And was he Detroit Tate simply out of the voluminous opportunity in their passing game?

    Completely agree. I would have been fine if he left, but I'm fine he's coming back. When he's driven, there's not many better. When he seems disinterested, he's a huge liability. Not sure how getting paid is going to impact his outlook, thus his play.
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  13. Nashville's the spot.
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  14. dasitmane


    Jan 26, 2019
    Wasn't thrilled with the contract but I suppose that's the price they had to pay to secure him. Still need a legit number 2 on the outside though.
  15. Man, what in the world are the G-Men doing? I saw my dude @johnnyredstorm goin' off on OBJ and I don't quite agree. I don't believe that Odell is a 'cancer' or bad teammate. Dramatic? Yes. Diva? Sure. Almost comes with the WR position nowadays. The best cure is winning and production. The Steelers beat the Broncos and/or win the AFC North, none of the Big Ben and AB intensifies to the magnitude it did. Winning and success solves nearly everything in a locker room. No owner would be happy shelling out $21.5M for five wins and a star player who played 12 games. It was OBJ's 'worst' year since his rookie season, if you don't count '17, the year he fractured his ankle. But it was clear Gettleman and Shurmur were never fully on board with OBJ's $95M extension a year ago. They were looking for someone to scapegoat. It's not rocket science, the market resets itself every time a star player at the position gets a new deal. A.J. was pretty early at a good price for Cincy. Then "Nuk" for $81M. The dominoes begin to fall. Mikey for a little more, Beckham for a lot more. AB just got his with Oakland.

    So my problem is not with the Giants trading OBJ. It's debatable whether they should or not. My issue is the return they got for a 26-year-old receiver entering his athletic prime. OK, Gettleman's thinking is Jabrill Peppers becomes a like-for-like replacement for Collins. A poor man's version to fill the hybrid LB/SS in-the-box role. Plus Jabrill got ties to Jersey, being that he went to PC. But beyond Peppers, the pick compensation is lowly and putrid. Only #17 and #95. Especially when you're trading with a team, the Browns, who are asset rich when it comes to draft picks. They have #49, #80 and #119 in this year's draft. G-Men didn't even get Cleveland's 2020 first-round or second-round pick(s). We're talking about perhaps the best WR in the game. AB is turning 31 before the season starts. Julio just turned 30. A.J. also turns 31 before the season starts. OBJ is only 26 years old! A guy under team control for another five whopping years. If you wanna go full rebuild mode, fine. But extract maximum value while you do it. OBJ was the Giants's best asset by far. Now that only leaves Saquon.

    Then Gettleman follows up the bad trade by signing Golden Tate to a four-year, $37.5M contract. A guy that operates best out of the slot. When you already have one of the better slot receivers in the league, Shep, on the cheap in 2019. Didn't my Eagles already show you guys that Tate needs a team with a hole or deficiency in the slot. He was vying for targets with Ertz, Nellie and J-Matt, and it just didn't work in Philly.

    Onto the aforementioned Landon Collins. How in the world do you not place the non-exclusive franchise tag on him?? At most, Landon gets $11.25M to play the 2019 season in a Giants uniform. I get that he's unhappy with that and may threaten to hold out, but he's able to negotiate with other squads under the non-exclusive. If someone like Washington signs Collins to an offer sheet, G-Men recoup two first-round picks for him. How do you just let him walk scot-free? He was your best defensive asset. Only just turned 25 and has an All-Pro season under his belt ('16). Yes, he doesn't cover well and had a mediocre 2018 but he just walked for NOTHING.

    I'm normally a proponent of trading down when organizations are in full-on rebuild mode with numerous holes across the board, but you have to take Haskins if he's available at #6. I think he has as good as, if not better, NFL career compared to Kyler Murray. Or you dangle that #95 you just got from Cleveland in front of Arizona for Rosen. Then trade down from #6, unless Bosa or Quinnen Williams fall that low.

    One last thing about the OBJ trade. Y'all know "Juice" was heavy in Dorsey's ear about potentially landing Beckham. Landry and OBJ been tight since their LSU days together in Baton Rouge. "Juice" was definitely getting his Mino Raiola on as an operative or liaison.
  16. Nobody is gonna care except for Panthers fans, but I low-key think the Matt Paradis signing is one of the best all offseason. Carolina needed a C replacement after Ryan Kalil retired. Man's was holding the line down for a decade. With Paradis turning 30 during the season, a GM doesn't wanna go beyond three years, four max. Which Hurney kept to three. And you didn't wanna pay him over $10M AAV, which the Panthers didn't at $27M ($9M AAV). Yeah, he's coming back from a broken fibula but you're getting one of the best centers in the league at an unsexy position.
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  17. Let me touch on the Le'Veon Bell subject. He'd be lying if he said the Jets deal was what he hoped for and expected. 4/$52.5M, can escalate to $61M if all the incentives are hit. $35M guaranteed. I honestly believe Bell thought in the open market with a bidding war that he'd receive a contract closer to Gurley's, 4/$60M with $45M guaranteed. I applaud Le'Veon for standing up for what he believed in and getting his money. The 5/$70M offer from Pittsburgh was nice on paper but people have to remember the nuanced details. The Steelers are known for rolling guarantees. Bell saved his body from 400+ touches this past season.

    A few things hurt his leverage. In Pittsburgh, Conner and Samuels balled out as direct replacements. Right or wrong, it creates an argument that Le'Veon is great but also benefits from the Steelers's system. The RB position was not the reason Pittsburgh missed the playoffs and didn't win the division.

    The other point is Gurley injured and fading down the stretch for the Rams and McVay. He was a non-factor in the Rams's two most important games of the season, NFC CG and obviously the SB. C.J. came off his couch and filled in pretty seamlessly for L.A.

    Lastly, NFL teams are viewing the RB position differently in 2019. Guys like Josh Jacobs, who played in a RBBC at 'Bama, has very little tread on his proverbial tires. The limited touches in college becomes a major benefit to whichever contending team selects him and has Jacobs on his rookie contract. The ideal plan is obviously to win a SB in that four-year window, then let Jacobs walk after his rookie deal and allow another team to overpay him if he truly becomes a top RB in the NFL.
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  18. Even though the Ravens got hit with a bunch of exiting players, Eric DeCosta got his first offseason as Baltimore GM pretty spot-on. As expected, DeCosta opted not to franchise tag Mosley. But worked actively to re-sign him. I'd be surprised if the Ravens offered Mosley anything near $15M AAV, forget the 5/$85M the Jets blew everyone else out of the water with. You never want to see your leading tackler walk, but those numbers are astronomical with $51M guaranteed.

    Rams basically paid for Weddle's leadership at this point. He's a shell of the player in his Utah/Chargers prime. DeCosta upgraded with Earl Thomas. You get your first legitimate ball hawk since Ed Reed. Also benefits Jefferson greatly, a guy who flourishes near the LOS.

    Suggs is an older player. GB paid Za'Darius Smith for double-digit sack production, when he hasn't done it in his entire four-year career.

    Keep in mind, Baltimore has to pay Onwuasor and Judon next offseason. The former having showed out in a big way in the playoffs against the Chargers. Great back-and-forth defensively between Onwuasor and Melvin Ingram on the other sideline.
  19. Random prediction: I've got Eric Berry landing with the Browns. Cleveland got a hole at SS after trading Jabrill. I don't think Steve Wilks wants to go into the season with Derrick Kindred as his starting SS opposite Damarious Randall. Browns still have cap space and Dorsey knows EB from their KC days.
  20. sb

    sb formerly franc

    Oct 23, 2012
    quoted for emphasis.
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  21. getback


    Dec 27, 2014
    I'm trying to get out that way. No wife or kids holding me back. Just a matter of saving and making a calculated move.

  22. He'll be right back in time with fresh legs for a playoff push

  23. buc em

    buc em

    Apr 29, 2009
    If this is actually true then I wonder if the Patriots actually would have traded or released Edelman. Humphries is STRICTLY a slot WR. Never played outside for us ever.
  24. shotsrangout


    Jan 30, 2013
    Sheesh it wasn’t punishment enough getting cut by a contender and having your name dragged through mud. They have to suspend him for 8 games too.