**2019-20 LAKERS THREAD** RIP, Kobe & Mambacita. Thanks for Mamba Mentality. "You're welcome."

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If you look at the Lakers roster, player-by-player, you'll see that every player has either matched or exceeded the expectations for him from before the season. The only one who is the exception, and a very clear exception, is Kuzma. He has been waaaay worse than what was expected from him. I know some will say Rondo as well, but he's about to turn 34, so the fact that he hasn't been great can't be that unexpected.
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We're stuck with Kuzma for the time being guys.
Just gonna have to support him and hope he gets it together. Won't be shocked if he's gone in the summer if this keeps up though.
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If kuz had kept a lower profile, stayed further away from the limelight....the criticism wouldn’t be as bad right now....but since dood embraced “hollywood” and decided he wanted to brand himself outside of basketball....everyone is gonna have an opinion.

If you playing it low key like AB and KCP you don’t get constantly scrutinized because your not always putting yourself in the public eye and I would imagine makes just playing the game a whole lot easier and less complicated....

again, this is what kuz wanted, this is the bed he made for himself.

also another factor is how he regressed on his 3rd year. you often see someone hit a sophomore wall but 3rd year is where most players hit their strides.


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Vogel has been great, but this mentality HAS to change especially against the other elite teams.
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That cut Caruso made to the basket when he made that layup reminded me of how Kuzma used to play last season. He was great off the ball, and often made some great cuts to the basket. Which separated him from Ingram. Ingram was a much better iso scorer, but I thought that they would be way better off keeping Kuzma because he didn't require the ball and could be an effective scorer without the ball.

But Kuzma has been just atrocious off the ball this season. He's just standing around on the court, probably wishing that he had a phone in his hand so he could post some social media messages. It's impressive how horrible he can be. And last night he was especially horrible, even by his usual horrible standards this season. He managed to rack up -11 in 16 minutes played.
You think maybe Kuz not cutting as much anymore has to do with AD/Dwight in the paint? Or do you think his injury still bugging him? Because he’s been going up soft this year when he used to try to catch bodies all the time lol
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If it means anything, Donovan Mitchell was absolutely terrible for basically the first half of the season last year then went on a tear. There's still hope he can turn it around post-All Star break.
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If it means anything, Donovan Mitchell was absolutely terrible for basically the first half of the season last year then went on a tear. There's still hope he can turn it around post-All Star break.
He’s not on Mitchell talent level tho not even close Kuz doesn’t even get up enough shots to have a real impact and, he’s worthless when it comes to anything other than scoring.

At this point he’s a 6-9 lezzy in a baggy uniform
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kuzma needs to run wild on offense and reason why he hasn't been successful is because A. he plays a ton w/ rondo B. he plays with AD and Bron where he couldn't find his niche which is to score.

i'd use him on spurts where Lebron is on the floor and AD isn't.


i bet he flourish if he's given a specific role in that line up.
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that would be bad for his Kuzmania brand
lol thats actually a real thing?

I find it funny, how everyone is 2000 and late with recognizing how sorry kuzma is...
I posted back in october or november that there was a possibility he would get traded cus he was stinking it up... and a couple clowns in here thought I was nuts... its the same clowns that are trashing kuzma now...

guess what? NY was asking for a ridiculous return for morris and now we stuck him... you Kuzma fanboys deserve it hahahaha
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Defensively, the

KCP/Bradley/Green (whichever is fresher/playing better)

closing lineup has been fun. And versatile, cuz if you feel Dwight needs a minute to sit, you can slide AD down and bring in the extra of Green/Bradley.

This is right in Vogel's wheelhouse. He can play matchups, fouls, rest, etc.
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Bron had another gear last nite I see
He’s shown it here and there which kinda makes me feel a little bit more comfortable because come playoffs more games will be this Slow Grindy pace where he can walk up the ball every possession and control the pace of the game
Tis what he does

also he had the most space he’s had in a while with AD spacing out and Dwight being the only one inside for a lob threat
Believe he went like 10-12 inside the arc or something lol
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