**2019-20 LAKERS THREAD** RIP, Kobe & Mambacita. Thanks for Mamba Mentality. "You're welcome."

Joined Feb 17, 2019
So Denver comes back from a 1-3 deficit to beat Utah, then does it again to beat LAC.

Calling it now: Lakers gonna be up 3-1, Denver will win Game 5 just to give us that "uh oh here we go again" feelin, then Bron and AD spoil the party and finish off the resilient Nuggets in 6.
Joined Jul 24, 2012
Like HOU being the LeBron series, I think this has to be the AD series.

He's got a tall task in containing Jokic, but still the Denver defense shouldn't have a lot for the Brow if he's focused.
Joined Feb 17, 2019
Kuz, Dwight, Caruso, KCP, Kieff
MPJ, Milsap, Harris, Morris, Grant

Battle of the role players bout to factor heavily on the series outcome
Joined May 8, 2013
I don’t think there’s a player that can guard lebron in this series. Grant is not strong enough and milsap is not fast enough.
Joined Dec 7, 2004
I thought the lebron slander after he lost his attempt at 3rd ring in Miami was bad. This Clips slander is baad lol.
Joined Feb 6, 2007
Here's the thing.......we have a very well rested group, AND we get to add Javale and Dwight back to the mix. (Even deeper now)

On top of that, the Nuggets have played 14 grueling games. We wear teams down. We can throw Javale, Dwight, AD and Morris at Jokic. I mean literally wear him down. For two more weeks.

We can throw Caruso, KCP, Rondo, Green, Kuzma on Murray. Looks, lengths, fouls etc.

And then Bron.

They gonna have their hands full. We're rested, 4 full games less, and now no Clippers and no Giannis. HUNGER.

Just please, no 3-1 lead. Let's not risk it. 3-0 or 2-2. Let's just be smart here. :lol:
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