2019 Official MLB Season Thread vol: We Back???

Joined Apr 23, 2014
Who would you rather have, Wil Myers and his Contract or Chris Davis and his contract?..........both expire 2023 I believe.............
Joined Apr 23, 2014
Oh nooooo
They just did Ryan Yarborough dirty!

1out to go for CGSO at 99PC and they bring in RP to face Domingo Santana, nobody on, 1run lead.

Joined May 2, 2012
I just traded for yordan too and he went off lol
The day before he was called up months back, I added him & simultaneously traded him for Caleb Smith; thinking he would end up just as a another flavor of the week rookie call-up. I had one day of him on my roster and he HR'd, and then he was gone off my squad. Keeper league too so I would have had him for 2020 :smh: .
Joined May 11, 2010
Does Lagares still start on the regular? Feel as if he's only been kept around for defense these past few seasons.
He's started a few games but he also comes in late in the game for defense.

He's Rey Ordonez of the outfield. All glove, no bat. Im thankful this is his last season on his contract.
Joined Aug 7, 2012
Why the **** did gabe take out alverez last night with 2 outs and a man on 1st to bring in Pivetta ????

alverez was on a 14 inning scoreless run

this who front office needs to be ****ing fired. im so fed up anymore
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