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I still question whether Ainge was asking too much which stalled the negotiations, giving MJ the opening to swoop in and offer the bag.

I'd be interested to know what went on between Ainge, Hayward and the Pacers. Probably will never get the full story though.
Hear you, but also have a hard time believing that this Charlotte offer completely came out of thin air. There's zero chance that Hayward's agent wasn't in touch with Charlotte the whole time. They've been interested in him since 2017 and were one of the only teams with money.

Indiana was probably always the preference, but if they weren't willing to give him 4/120, he was Charlotte-bound. There's no way something wouldn't have gotten done if they were willing to pay him.
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Amazing what it do when you play next to LeBron in the best organization in the league.

Funny how thiis time last year, when LAL signed him, many were saying Avery washed and that his days of being an effective player were done.

Now all of a sudden people saying Avery is a valuable acquisition, good enough to take all the minutes of a solid young guard like Nunn. Lol

News flash: Avery was always solid (remember his Celtic years), as long as you put the right pieces and infrastructure around him. Clippers failed to do do when they had their chance. Lakers signed him cause they knew what he brings on the court.

Lakers so damn deep we won the chip without him. With him, we probably beat the Heat in 5.
They laughed at All of these signings last year despite us getting them all for cheap... one season later they are all coveted by winning teams :rofl:, and now we've replaced those guys with the 1st & second in 6MOTY voting.

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Who has Boston legitimately missed out these past few years and who would they have to have given up?

Is the biggest thing missing out on Kawhi?
They would have had to given up pretty much their whole young core for AD and he wanted to go to LA.
For Kawhi I think it was Jaylen and some other pieces. He would have went to LA the next year.
I think possibly PG13, but he was LA bound also.

Horford is moot because Philly overpaid him.
Kyrie went nuts.
Hayward needed to be in a state governed by the klan.
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