2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

Joined May 27, 2017
Take it from me. I had nontourage before and the quality is absolute garbage. These iso dunks poop on nontourage quality wise.
I guess that’s a win-win by saving $ and getting better quality, thanks for the feedback

Btw your Gibson’s look pristine compared to mine which arrived from StockX not long ago. Mine looks like it survived an orgy party in Berlin lol
Joined Dec 30, 2002
CCS finally shipped. Might be the longest shipping delay I’ve had in nearly 20 years ordering from them. Glad to have a pair of lows on the way.
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It amazes me how many times a website (tactics this time) will have every size except 12 lol smh.....I don’t even want the orange labels, just a hilarious observation


Joined Sep 10, 2018
Any Europe Spots that got the Orange Label Mids and the Gatos? I've looked at every Skateshop i know and they all only have the Dunk Low, the Blazers and the Bruins.
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Thanks for tactics link and code I could not resist grabbing 2 more pairs of lows at 76.46 apiece .
Feels good to have bought from CCS (shipped today) and tactics since they are both local.
Atlas pair of lows came in and they are very nice.
It’s Been quite awhile since there was a fat tongue dunk low black white gum released in my size (basement release does not exist larger than UK 11 or 12) and I love being stocked up. Will grab any more pairs I can find below retail . Finding more pairs of quartersnacks is unlikely and with a black label stockpile I can keep the two remaining DS pairs I have of those on ice while I spend years beating the orange label lows to death proudly .
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Just a little story for y’all.
I live in France and this weekend I went to a not well-known sneaker shop in a not well-known city.
That was really cool because they have a lot of vintage stuff like og Jordans and I noticed that they had some orange box dunk for display. So I start talking with the guy about dunks and he was really cool. And I learned that this shop was one of the few supplier of the panda pigeon dunks. Suddenly he say « wait here » and went in his storage room. And when he came back he got a panda pigeon box in his hands. So I was very surprised Andy he told me « you know I told people that they were sold out but I still got some that I sold to real sneakerheads and dunkheads for 200€ ». That surprised me a lot.
Is this common to every shop in the US ?
(Btw my apologies for my bad English )
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