2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

j mobile

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Was so pleasantly surprised that I tripled. They were below retail/clearanced in my size. Definitely not plastic-y. Really comfortable too. Fat tongue, old tooling, fresh white, cheap - can’t go wrong.
If I wore white kicks like that, and didn’t already have a bunch, I’d double up for sure.
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Still hope for those who ordered SLs

Got the same email but they have yet to answer if they could change sizes, my dumb self bought thinking it was UK sizing rather than US. I doubt they will/could so if they do ship out what I ordered one of em is getting Oooped to my homie. Really like how they have the swoosh wrapping around the ankles like a snake. If anyone got a US9-9.5 and is looking for a US8-8.5 message me.
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