2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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Someone give the downlow on the non SB dunk comfort - someone said plums are awful?
My Plums are uncomfortable, but most of my other non-SB dunks are quite comfy. In fact, my Brazil highs are probably the comfiest shoes I own (seriously).

And count me in for as many Syracuse lows as I can get my hands on. Now I don't have to un-DS these '99s:

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Truck-it lows:
(They also have Truck-it highs & the white Hacks)
To follow up, their IG says these are in-store now FCFS. Any leftovers go live online Monday 2/17.
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Bad idea to hold out for a good deal on a gently used strangelove? They're so nice I have to have them, just can't bring myself to pay 4x retail 🥴


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If you order these old shoes from SX be prepared to not know what youre getting.. could be a pretend DS pair could be
Can’t match the fire in here today, but I just got the Baroques in, and lace swapped to compare. I think I’m going to rock the waxed laces for now. Thanks scottyg1889 scottyg1889 - don’t sleep KanyIZZY KanyIZZY
I have to sleep if I'd like to keep my lights on :lol: Fire.. especially with the lace swap but I have to chill.
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