2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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Where were y'all in 2016 then when BTTYS were in outlets? And when older pairs were dirt cheap? I swear dudes complaining about how high dunk prices are now are the ones that slept when they were cheap, too. If you didn't get while the gettin was good, that's on you.

I was in this thread fall 2019 talkin bout the barfs I paid $250 for which at the time was overpaying. I called myself out for sleeping on them and having to pay the new tax when I could've gotten them half price the year before. But I wanted them so I ****in paid what they cost. Wore a dozen times, sold for what I paid. We all know what happened with barfs since. I really don't understand the childish entitlement grown men have about sneakers, whining about how something's too expensive. As I've said before, get your money up or get something else. I thought "the hunt" was part of the game??? I spent 6 months in 2016 searching for the right price/condition hufs because I wasn't paying $500 for them at the time. You don't deserve a sneaker more than someone else because you liked it first lol

Here's a link to me calling myself out for sleeping https://niketalk.com/threads/2020-n...-and-qss-added.303260/page-8599#post-32216087
I was there, I got mine.
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i mean it will be a cycle, people will not want them again once everyone is wearing them(which i have yet to see around my way) and when that happens... i'll be there to pick up JD Sport exclusive CLs for $15 or Linen highs for 40 ...
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