2021 NFL Off-Season Thread | Sam Darnold traded to the Panthers

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Remember all the VJax hype leading into that 05 draft. Especially because he didn’t got to a major college. He exceeded expectations and balled!!
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They just posted the little girl from the Britt Reid crash is awake. Great to hear
thank Jesus..

andy’s son needs to be in jail.. if dude somehow gets by, Andy and his wife gotta figure out something

and while I root for dude and he has a great football situation.. might need to step away and focus on family, cause they already lost 1 child and now someone else’s child is impacted by his grown child
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Cam back to NE for another year picking up steam....
Outside of the draft, doesn't look like there's any noise on some of these other high profile QB's potentially being in the mix so I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Only name being floated consistently is Jimmy GQ and I don't know how much better he'd be with the offense as currently constructed.

Just gonna need BB to invest some of that 3rd most cap room this offseason on actual weapons If they do run it back with him. Even if they don't, been long overdo to restock the cupboard on offense...
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Man is quickly becoming that dude :lol: :pimp:

140 tackles and 9 sacks to not make the pro-bowl was ridiculous, glad he had bigger fish to fry though.

Bucs are gonna have the best LB duo in the league for the near future if they manage to lock up Lavonte
He's a freak man. He’s Saquon playing linebacker.
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Crazy thing is some of those games they lost were very winnable.

Seattle when they ran the QB draw like 12 times in a row at the goal line.
Bills when he fumbled in the red zone in the last minute in a 3 point game.
Denver when they were legit trying to hand the Pats the game.

Easily could have been 10-6 which is nuts considering how bad the play at QB looked.
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2020 f'ed up me up so much soon as I got a notification with Vincent Jackson's name on it I thought "man I hope he didn't pass away" :smh:

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