2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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I was STRICTLY Nike/Jordan ~six years ago and beyond. As I started my career in the med field, I began to branch out to different brands; New Balance, Saucony, ASICS, UA, Puma and Reebok. Once in a blue moon (like once a year), I even purchase an adidas, which is the one brand I try not to mess with lol

I’ve noticed since then, I wear most of my “nice” sneakers maybe once or twice a year. If I REALLY like the shoe, I’ll probably casually wear / wear them to work maybe six times max per year. Plus, I don’t even know how many DS sneakers I have yet to wear SMH. My performance running shoes get a lot of wear though! Lol
curious why not adidas but yes to UA
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We have been forced back to dress shoes at work, so my casual SB shoe run at work is over. I have said it before in this thread, but I am really liking the new vans skate shoes as far as comfort, support and durability. I still mainly wear Nike SB, and occasionally break out a pair of old Jordans/kobes/KDs but now only half the time splitting time with vans.


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Did gundams show up on SNKRS for anyone else?
They were there, I entered, instant L, then they disappeared

I think it was a mistake
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in store the way to go at SS. Too bad I live no where near.
Must be, I am local and have never ever ever ever hit online... not even for something without a bunch of hype.

I drove down to get on the list for these Strawberries and hit my size 12. Didn't try for the choco.

So this is a cool W but I am still convinced their online draws only exist to sell-out after VIPs are done.
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Any news of any skate shops dropping the strawberry cough joints or the Halloween pairs? Can’t think of any shops in the metro NY area.
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