2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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EDIT - DCY beat me to it lol

Can probably find it cheaper online if you look hard enough
Good on both of you dudes for helping him out. Dcypoe81 not only did you look out for him, I clicked on one of the links and was able to find this Nike SB shirt I'd been looking for in my size. Dope stuff guys! That's why i love this thread man! Helping eachother out and showing love, that's what it's all about! Reps all around!

(Here's the shirt)
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^ Those sat. Y'all should try your local spots, may get lucky.

I know I had seen them last week but not sure if it was in person or online. If I remember or come across I'll let you two know.
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Are we talking about the same shoe?

anyway I just checked eBay, prices aren't bad but I cant tell if they are fake since sellers are using stock photos
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^^ Well technically you have the QS version, the other is the In store exclusive.

WPF was not a GR.
Correct. The resale is high because most had to pay the $250 price tag to get the in store exclusive in the first place. The QS version pricing could just be riding the wave of the in store exclusive pricing. I figure most people won't really do research and do not know that the in store came with extra stuff and a different box. Eitherway, I hope everyone was able to get their pair.
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^Did not know that. My connect usually charges extra (10-20 more than usual) for harder to get kicks and he didnt mention that at all.
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Anybody got some doernbecher pics on feet?? I love the concept behind the shoe, just seems a little diff to me. I'm on the fence with those.
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Still looking for WPF in a sz 6 or 6.5..Does anyone know any local spots that still have them for retail, and not some crazy *** reseller's price?
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Anyone who lives in Southeast Michigan. It's in store only though. I'll be up there hoping to pick up my 1st pair. Hopefully I see some fellow NTR's. 
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