2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

Joined Mar 4, 2017
SUrprised people are waiting in the 100+ range.
Once everyone in the front of the line has multiple people cutting people in the high numbers are not getting anything . Once green deatails become widely known look out.
Joined Dec 3, 2016
NYC Update: security "assured" us that they know who was here. Hopefully it doesn't break out into a riot. Some dumb kid who ALREADY got his pair yesterday with the SNKRS pass almost started something by cutting some shady group that claims they were here at 9am...
Joined Mar 26, 2015
I’m now hoping for an online cop because the wife reminded me we are doing “holiday family pics” at 11:30 on Saturday instead of standing in line at my local

Oh wells, is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow too (high in the 60’s)
Joined Jul 16, 2017
NYC UPDATE: people are arguing over who was here first. Some don't want to respect that we were here since 2pm, consider the fact that security kicked us off at 8 the new official time. People are starting to get crazy....

On a side note I snapped this picture. I'm wearing black pigeons
You should’ve knew better, if I woke up a little bit earlier I would’ve went down there and skipped that line, still might :lol:
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