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when do you guys think the hype for dunks will settle down?
This is a GREAT QUESTION. Honestly, I think it could happen sooner than most think. I’ve seen a REAL dip in resell prices on SBs. I think there’s a couple of factors too.

1.)”Hype factor” is wearing off. (More than most new buyers never liked SB in the first place. They showed up because of Travis or because it was the “in” thing.)

2.) Resell on SB isn’t that profitable. (Who in the hell is going to pay the OUTRAGEOUS prices constantly that resellers were asking for on most recent SB releases?!)

3.) Economical impact of COVID. (Most newer heads are NOT going to pick Nike SB over a hyped JB product (ect.) if they have LIMITED funds.)

I think the Supremes will for sure be hyped out of this world but that DOESN’T mean the hype will transfer to the next releases. Tiff Highs were hyped to the moon, after that the hype went straight into the toilet, the releases were sitting and you couldn’t resell the Valentine’s Day Lows If you wanted too, LMAO!
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Even when the hype moves on I don’t think we’ll ever see the eBay steals days again. Travis Scott has basically done what Ye did with the Jordan 1 by reintroducing the shoe to a generation that had previously slept on them.
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