2021 Official MLB Season Thread vol: Vlad, Tatis, Acuna next gen

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Can’t find the pics I took last time I was at the lot that was the old Fulton county stadium. They still have the fence the record breaking home run went over and the walk it hit there still standing even though it’s a parking lot now. Gonna have to pay it a visit today.
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RIP Mr.Aaron.

It's makes you wonder if his taking the covid vaccine 2weeks ago had some kind of impact on his health.
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Damn. It kinda hit me reading about everything he endured.
Imagine having the weight of that on your shoulders and still doing what he did.
Absolute legend.
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Rest In Peace Hank - one of my all time favorites

Sad day

I had this 86 Donruss puzzle framed on my wall back in the day...
...still have it...

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getback getback I’m sad about Kiké leaving but I totally get it. He’s extremely competent with the mit at multiple positions and has pop with the bat. Honestly for $7M/year he’s a bargain and I believe he’s likely to prove he’s worth more if/when given 450+ ABs. Also as stated by many in the media, he’s an amazing clubhouse guy. I’m sure the combination of playing for Cora and being ensured the ABs was too hard to pass up and he left some money on the table to do so...
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