2021 Official MLB Season Thread vol: Vlad, Tatis, Acuna next gen


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Just my opinion, but I think Vizquel is a fringe HOFer, and there have to be guys in that group and they might get shut out. He obviously was a talent, and had 2.692 hits at the SS position and those 11 gold gloves and it appears he's on his way to eventually getting inducted. But the HOF JAWS tracker (which is not foolproof I admit) even has him 41st all time in shortstops, behind (kind of his era) ARod, Ripken, Larkin, Jeter, Garciaparra, Tejada, and Tony Fernandez.

One other comparison: Tony Fernandez didn't even get 1 % of the vote on his lone year on the HOF ballot.

4 gold gloves
3 top-20 MVP voting
1 ring
.980 Fielding %
45.3 WAR
35th JAWS (SS)

11 gold gloves
1 top-20 MVP voting
0 rings
.985 Fielding %
45.6 WAR
41st JAWS (SS)
Nice post. What it comes down to for me is the fact that he was never considered one of the best shortstops of this era. When I think of the amazing Indians teams he was on, I think of 4 or 5 players before I get to him, and some of those players have a much better case to be made and were no where close to enshrinement. If you would have told me while I was watching this team in the the mid 90s, that Omar Vizquel was a Hall of Famer but Albert Belle, Manny Ramirez and Kenny Lofton were not, I would have smacked you.

Do you think Jose Iglesias and Andrelton Simmons have Hall of Fame trajectories? My answer is a resounding no, and both of those guys are in the same category of players that Omar was.


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Wish Marcus the best. Was hoping they would bring him back even after a down year as we have no better options but what else is new, cheap *** team.

Getting sick and tired of this. :smh:
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Good move for Semien, he's essentially betting on himself with the 1-year and will be in a stacked lineup.
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cant wait for next years announcment. its going to be straight comedy when they induct ortiz first ballot with bonds, clemens, and arod falling short.
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curt schilling an a-hole but he should be in the HOF
he doesn't help his cause by opening his mouth
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Jeff Kent better be voted into th HOF next year.

As a Mets fan, I don't want Bauer. What did the mets offer him, like $30 mil for 1 year ?

For that money I'd rather take on Kris bryant's salary ($18mil) for 1 season and Kolten wong. We'd still have $ left over.
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