22 Things Men Wear That Beautiful Women Hate

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I know it's Complex, but still. :lol:

FULL list here: http://www.complex.com/style/2013/07/things-men-wear-that-women-hate/

FULL LIST (Words, no images):

22. Vashtie - OD leather, shirts tied around the waist, gold fronts
21. Natalie Levy - Outfit Instagrams
20. Rose Garcia - Vests
19. Sophia Chang - white socks
18. Stephanie Singer - Parody tees and beanies
17. Sydney Reising -White briefs
16. Niki Blasina - Camo
15. Cynthia Lu - Scoop neck tees
14. Fatima B - Cheap and fake leather clothes
13. Kirsy Lovett - Camo
12. Maluca - flip flops
11. Anita Herrera - Fedoras
10. Mary Choi - Synthetic leather
9. Mellany Sanchez - Copying celeb outfits
8. Hana May - Boat shoes on land, out-of-season hats, and drop-crotch pants.
7. Brittany Sky - Hopping on every trend
6. Deidre Maloney - Mustaches, warm weather beanies, and super tight clothes
5. Miss Info - Vests
4. Joy Claire - Head to toe leather
3. Chelsea Ciara - Foamposites
2. Lanie Albanza - Shirtless under jacket
1. Karen Civil - Camo cargo shorts, leather pants

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I am innocent of all counts....Except for the foambs, and that's where I draw the lines. These women are tripping if I can't rock my royal foams with some nice jeans/shorts.
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Can you post the full list. I can't stand clicking through every page. 


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Stopped reading after vashtie said she doesn't like dudes wearing fronts when her most known pic is her wearing a grill lol smh..the irony
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This is another discussion on it's own, but some women are more superficial than men. I don't wear 90% of that corny stuff they said they don't like, but if it isn't the stuff on that list, it's something else. I have a theory I just made up called, "The Shirt Theory." It all starts with them criticizing your clothes and buying you a new shirt. Once you put it on, it's a wrap. You are now a work in progress for what they want their boyfriend to look like.

That was cold what they did to the guy biting Kanye's outfit. :lol: :rofl: :rofl:
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with the exception of one pair of drop crotch pants, i dont think i own anything on the list
half the women on it arent even beautiful though


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Forget these ThoT's, I rock my leather, wax denim and camo all day long if I so do please...

But I agree on those foams, Burn
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I'm a camo offender, all I own is a jacket and bandanna tho
that means I can pull most of those chicks, right? :pimp:

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

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Complex list?

No thanks
Seriously....**** Complex

And I'll say something else....women are hypocrites.....don't trust no list and change your style.....you could wear a pink too too (sp?) but have confidence in your self....you ******g that ***** that night.

**** lists. Do your own thing.
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