25 and older Jordan heads


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Hello my name is MONOPOLIZE,
Im 32 yrs old, and Im a Retro Jordan addict.
It has been exactly 9 days, 11 hrs, and 52 seconds, since my last retro Jordan purchase .
My last use of a pair of retro Jordans was today, about 2hrs ago, when I shamelessly wore a pair of Playoff 13s to the store to do some food shopping with my wife...

In all honesty I do not see myself kicking this addiction, as Ive now been
a Jordan addict for over 20yrs, and a Retro J consumer for over 14 yrs..
Sometimes the quality of Jordans I receive for my money is sub par, yet because my addiction is so strong ,I purchase them anyway..

This concludes my introduction, lastly I like to say hello to my fellow addicts..

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This is the perfect opportunity to state the obvious. 1) material possessions should hold no value to a being of quarter century age. 2) there are different breeds of sneaker head in this new age due to low obtainable ratios.
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I am 33, I have over 150 Air Jordan's right now. Although I am getting towards retirement (it looks like next year with the year of the 6). Although I will cop every OG colorway, all I need is the white/sport blue and the off-white/maroon. I will get other retros, but the 6's are my main focus next year. I do not see myself selling my collection. If anything, my 3-year old son will inherit most of my collection (I will keep at least one of each model 1-23 for nostalgia reasons). He even know who Michael Jordan is and what he looks like.
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Although I am currently turned off by the process of buying shoes (go figure, it's a process now ) I don't think I'll ever stop liking shoes.
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As you get older you tend to look at things from a different point of view. I've sold various pairs thru the years because I never saw myself wearing those pairs again. I try to wear everything I own until they're not wearable anymore due to cracking or crumbling of the midsoles. I've gotten to the point of only wearing my iv's with about 40+ pairs in my collection. 37 btw.
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I'm 36 and as a kid always wanted a pair of Jordan 4s but we were BROKE.  I said this to my wife one day and she went out and bought me the Military Blue retros from 2012.  Over the last year or so I've picked up 1 (usually 2) pairs of every 4 that's been released in the last couple of years (except for the Cavs and DBs - size 11.5 or 12, talk to me).  I've curbed the AJ 5 appetite, but it's getting stronger - surely I'll take a shot at the fear 5s and Bel-Airs...It's also started an overall obsession.  I have a pile of other Jordan retros, bunch of KDs, some foams, a lot of NBs, UNDFTD converse and some Asics.  I tend to wear everything I buy, although I'm a little more picky about when I unDS my 4s since they hold some weird sentimental value - even though the Toros didn't exist back in 1989, it will be a while before I wear them.  BUT I WILL WEAR THEM.  I'm fortunate to make a good income and have enough disposable to buy at will (for retail) - which is good considering the green glows, fears, etc...... are coming.

I love it when I walk out in a pair of retros or my KD V ASGs and get looks from the younger generation or the guys working at Foot Locker, but it's even better when I'm hanging out with my own age group and they've given up and are wearing some awful Reebok running shoes that their wife picked up at the outlets for them and I'm wearing a pair from their childhood that strikes up a good conversation - usually about how MJ would own the NBA today, scoring more than he ever did and how LeBron wouldn't be the man he is now if he played in the 90s....but that's a conversation for another thread.
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I'm currently working at a deli part time for some extra scratch, anyways while I was at work I'm wearing my Jordan 14 forest green. Anyways this 18 yr old kid who is shooting the breeze with me goes and says how he only collects og kicks and sells them for money and swears he's not a hype beast, he was asking about my own personal collection and why I won't sell mine and why I wear them. My question to the older Jordan heads is this do any of you guys still wear your Jordan's no matter how old an or rare. And 2 would you sell your collection if the offer was well worth it?
I'm 27 years old here. I got interested in sneakers, which eventually transferred into fashion as whole when I saw Mike wearing the 11s in elementary school. It was like candyland back then when I walked into a shoe store...the Pippens, Grant Hill Filas, Shaqs, etc. Alas, my mom couldn't afford to buy the good stuff for me back then. I was allowed the Big 5 Nikes, only 2 pairs per year.

I bought shoes during high school and undergrad years. Back then, nothing sold out...almost everything made it to a sale. The only times I 'lined' up were for the Retro 11s back in 2000. By lining up, I meant going to the store 10 mins before it opened and stood in line with 10 others. I got my first job as a telemarketer so I can buy sneakers once every couple of months, back when retros were $125 and $150 was for the newest J's.

I witnessed the whole hypebeast thing rolled out with the Nike SBs. Shoes like the Nike Dunk "Supa" sat at skate stores for $40 for months before the hype ignited and folks started buying them. The NT community was pretty tight-knitted back then so I knew a lot of the local NTers. Quite a few of them used their leftover financial aid money to cop shoes like Supreme Dunks....which is nothing nowadays compared to how much the Yeezy's or Lebron Championship pack go for.

I unloaded my collection at the tail end of my undergrad career. I was wearing Clarks and Chucks for a good portion of my career in the path of my 1st master's degree. Now, I wear everything...Jordans, luxury sneakers, rugged boots, dress shoes, etc. I still wear Jordans, but not like the young bucks with fitted caps and sagging skinny jeans. There are some Js and Nikes that are special to me...primary the ones I wanted so much as a kid, but never got. I don't buy all of the sneakers as well though...it's easy to get carried away now since almost something comes out weekly.

I also only buy at retail or skip. I have no problem shelling out good money for quality shoes, ie $1,000 for a pair of dress shoes, but I'd never shell out that much money for any pair of Nike. If you catch me on a week day, you'd probably have no idea I knew about sneakers since I'm usually in menswear :lol: The workers at the shoe stores at the mall used to trip out when I talk about kicks to them.

Just buy what you like, man. If you think a shoe is hot...it's hot regardless of it's a GR or QS. Most of these dudes buy kicks to store in the closet and only take them out once in a while to take pictures.

I don't regret selling my collection at all. It was fun when I was in it, but that was then.
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I'm 28 years old and have been into sneakers since a young man named Vince Carter entered the league and tore it up in Canada. Stopped buying when I went to College and as soon as I got the degree in 2010, I was hooked again. My collection is at 60 now and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Don't think i'd sell my collection unless someone offered a stupid amount of money.
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I'm 33 with 5 kids. I sold all my jordans to help pay for birthdays, funerals, baptisms... Etc, but refuse to sell any of my 3's ..
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I have probably acquired around 50-60 pairs of Jordan's since I started collecting in 2001. I have worn probably half of them or so, I rock the kicks I absolutely love. When I was collecting hard and thought a pair was gonna be worth some money or was limited I'd just buy two pairs (pre-order 6 months in advance of release date through Eastbay, of course). Remember when Eastbay did pre-orders, you could get 2 pair back then from most sites?!?! I remember I had 5 pairs of Retro XI's Blk/Red from 2001 for Christmas, ahh the memories. Anyways, if the price was right I would let my collection go. I'm married and have a four and a half month old son, the game has changed for me, so many other important things now. And the quality of the retros these days is garbage, but sneakerhead til the end.
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I'm 34 and i started to collect air Jordans in 1996 after i missed out the og 11. I collect them because i love the shoes and michael jordan.
I also played basketball in many pairs.
I wear them a lot. In fact you would rarely see me not wearing air Jordans.
I might only sell them if i get a very high amount.
I only sold a few pairs in the past because i was in need of money. Still regret selling my retro steelgrey 10 and retro white/black 9.
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I'm in my 30's and wearing Jordan's now definitely was a way to re live my past. I started collecting Jordan's in my 20's when I finally had some disposable income and a steady job. My parents didn't buy me $100+ sneakers very often so all the retro releases was a way to "catch" up on all the pairs I missed during my youth. More recently, I have leaned towards trainers and runners as they are more wearable than J's. I'll still rock the occasional retro but most are very uncomfortable and I always find myself going back to my Roshe's, Free's, Air Maxes, etc.
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Hey guys, im 26 now. I'm in the same boat as most of you, in high school i bought my first pair of concords and fell in love (sadly they were stolen from my locker in school). Started collecting from there but stopped in 08 after joining the military and sold them cause i didnt think i would wear them again. Got back to buying again in the last two years, sold some pairs that i didnt really care for to get a pair i wanted. But now that i work 6 days out of the week i barely wear my pairs, but when I do i always fall in love all over again. There's something about sneakers that I dont think I'll ever stop buying again. Oh, and I only buy one pair per release. I try not to keep in the closet to rot lol.
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Gonna keep all my shoes.

Been in the game since 90 (modest collector from 1996-2002 and then again from 08 to now) and have NEVER sold a pair of shoes (if i didn't like 'em, i know plenty of friends

that could use a neat pair of fresh/hardly worn sneakers).

The funny thing aboot me is that i dress more hip now than i have EVER in my adolescence/20's (call me a

30 something moderatebeast). 

I plan on keeping all my shoes and the women i date will have to respect it (even the future wifee...

...The last 4-5 gals i dated knew i was heavy into sneakers and loved that i was soooooo passionate about

acquiring the latest footwear (when they say women notice what you don on your tootsie toes, its not a generalization

to be taken lightly because it can land you dates -- albeit with superficial women... my particular breed of women; the most cosmetic ones

but everybody has a preference). 

Now i have more shoes than i know what to do with... so i always find a reason to wear them; dates, bars/lounges, grandma's crib, shopping for greek yogurt

and breakfast cereal... shheeeeiiiiii - i even wear all my shoes to the gym (random fitness patrons come up to me and say, "Man, you got a different pair of shoes

every gawt damb deigh... what that thang smell like?). 

These so called tween hypebeasts try to show and prove, but i just do a pantless squat and show them some turbo fisting.



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I'm sure that's what my double ups are doing cuz i doubt i'll ever sell them or get to wearing them.

Thanks for putting that in perspective.

I guess its just the reassuring feeling of having a "back up" plan. 
I actually doubled up on the b/red 11's when they released, but ended up selling the other pair and my CDP's. it came to me that i barely wear them and they'll still look pretty fresh in a couple years after the rerelease.
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I'm 32 I always loved Js but couldn't really afford to buy them until I started really working full time when I was 22 around the time the Jordan 18s dropped. I work IT in a office that doesn't see clients so I get to wear Js everyday. I enjoy copping the retros that I missed as a kid. Finally getting the Concords was a real special moment for me.
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I'm 35. Still have kicks in the collection from early-mid 90's and I still have a regular rotation.
I have a few still DS but not holding them to sell rather to replace a shoe that's beat.
I would sell any of my kicks but considering I wear most of mine regularly there is not much
Value in them other than to myself.

I say you're never too old to wear what you like.
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Not quite 25, (getting there, I feel old now :smh: ) but I cop what I like, jays or not. I am a huge fan of air max 90s as well. I have never sold a single pair from my collection and don't plan on doing it, even on shoes I double or triple up on.

I wear all my kicks but most of the time I wait a month or two after release once the hype has gone down. I don't care about other people wearing the shoe, but I like to bust mine out once the youngins think they are lame because they came out months ago. I didn't do that with FR3s though. I only waited 8 days for those. I couldn't resist, such a nice shoe.

Anyways, I'm patiently waiting for the new sneakerhead trend to die out. They have a negative effect on sneaker culture right now. I'm really hoping its just a trend though like colored skinny jeans (for dudes). Then once it dies, the people who actually care about the kicks will have a much easier time obtaining kicks.

Didn't proof read, 1 in the morning *shrug*
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I'm 25 and bought my first jordan when I was 15. I wear all of my js I only got a few pairs DS but ill get around to wearing them. The only new releases I pick up these days are the pairs I don't have the last retro of or new color ways I like, for example the toro 4s. I got 2 kids so I mostly jus buy shoes for them on release days. I love seein my kids in some fresh kicks and there alot cheaper lol. I would only sell my whole collection if I was dead broke and It was the only way I could get money. Other then na I can't do it.
These new hipster hypebeast kids nowadays just make me laugh. I don't even pay attention to them **** em. Pretty soon there gonna move to the next trend and it it'll be jus like the good ol days again haha I know wishful thinking lol
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29 and have been a sneaker collector since I was like 7 yrs old.  The old days at my local footlocker the Jordans would be in the far right upper corner.  Usually available the first two weeks.  For me my mom never let me buy them so I was always settled for Barkleys, griffeys, pennys etc.  So now that im older I buy what I liked in the past.  But now with a job that demands a shirt and tie the opportunity to wear a collection of almost 75 plus sneakers is near impossible.  I like to wear my shoes but some stay DS.  Today its such a hassle to buy Jordans, locally, online whatever.  Not to mention some kids where im at just look stupid with their jordans, matching hat and think their thugs.  I think its about time to let go most of what I got.
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The game has changed over the years...My son rocks most of my og's and first retro's i gave them to him I know he sold a few pairs i wasn't happy i'll leave it at that....The last pair of jordan's i bought for myself  were the xx's west on release date so....im pretty much out the game. I STILL LOVE the 30 pairs I kept for myself and i wear them all.....
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I'm 32 and although I don't have that many J's I rock them pretty often, along with all of the other somewhat rare/limited nike kicks I managed to snag either online or during my travels (the sneaker scene in my country is pretty much dead and retailers seem to be selling only air max's).

Not sure what the deal with collecting is, most of these shoes are likely to crumble within 5-7 years anyway due to the durability, or rather lack thereof, of the materials; to each his own I guess.
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I'm 32 and although I don't have that many J's I rock them pretty often, along with all of the other somewhat rare/limited nike kicks I managed to snag either online or during my travels (the sneaker scene in my country is pretty much dead and retailers seem to be selling only air max's).

Not sure what the deal with collecting is, most of these shoes are likely to crumble within 5-7 years anyway due to the durability, or rather lack thereof, of the materials; to each his own I guess.
Nah, they don't crumble that quickly. It depends on the materials. If you keep up with them or wear them once in a while and store them properly they could easily last you ten years. 
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I'm 33 and used to rock Js years back, but ended up blessing someone who was less fortunate with them. I've finally landed a position w/ a company that can afford me to purchase and rock Js again so I'll start back copping and rocking. I'm not a collector by any means, I will simply purchase what I like and wear them.
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Ok, I'm trying to understand something, from the responses here you have those that say they don't collect, but have stuff in the closet. I say I collect, but I wear my stuff. Some might be on ice for a while, but I damn sure don't intend on looking at it like it's in a museum. That's stupid. I collect with intention to wear, I think that's the best way of putting it. None of my stuff is ever for sale (well, there were a few exceptions, but I don't buy to sell or trade by any means)
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