2k4s or Lebron IV?

They are both good shoes for ball. Try them each on and go from there. I have balled in both - both rock.
2k4s, and that's coming from a charles barkley shaped power forward who theoretically should be in the bron 4 camp.

i'd rather ball in something light but supportive and stable than some heavy boots.
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i dont really like either one, but if i had to choose one i would pick the ZL4. to me the ankle support is more important than weight is. the 2k series have no ankle support at all, and that just doesnt work for me. the weight of the lebron 4 can be dealt with.
Since you rock the ZK2 Strengths I would say the 2K4, otherways the ZLIV is a much better shoe!
For sure the ZLIV.

real ball players would go for the k4 but the lbiv are ok but for sure not the best. get the k4's. the iv are good looking but not that great...
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The ZLIV, foreal. when i go to the gym, i be crazy fast when i drive in, and move around with no probs :smile:
and that's coming from a charles barkley shaped power forward who theoretically should be in the bron 4 camp.

lol are you talking about current barkley or young barkley?

i'd go w/ 2k4 also coz i'm a quick guard. Brons i think is more suited for big sg or sf and maybe even pf
it all depends on your position. if you play guard you should wear 2k4s because zl4s are little heavy and if you play forward/center you should wear zl4s.
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2K4 = guard
L4 = forward

If your a heavy guard, I dont think the 2K4 will suit you..
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ok i take it back. i am actually a small forward if anything. i dont play guard bc my handles are that great, if anything im more of a shooting guard. so i would say positions i play are between a shooting guard and that of a small forward (im about 5'10 160 to 165). not so concerned with the weight of the ZLiv since if anything it would strengthen my legs haha but more about playability in them..
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2k4's provide plenty of ankle support. i'd take them over lbj4's, but my 2k4's lasted less than 6 months
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