2X No Ma'Am T-Shirt Giveaway (Details Inside)

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I have a 2X No Ma'am t-shirt that I need to get rid of.

In less than 50 words, convince me why it is childish for grown men to still watch professional wrestling.

The best submission will get the shirt.


Shirt looks like:
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the t-shirt was for my son. It shrank when we first washed it. Plus it faded. Almost all of the color washed out. I don't feel like I bought a cheap t-shirt, but it washed like it was one.

I agree with granny
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It's geared toward kids now.  Randy Orton said he has to keep things PG that's why he stopped doing **** like kicking people in the head.  Nothing PG about the Attitude Era, but it's obviously a show for kids now.  That's just WWE though.

Sidenote: I don't want the shirt and I watch wrestling every now-and-then...
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