300 pairs of panties dumped near Ohio highway.

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Edit the title they said 3,000 not 300

Anyway Thats crazy. THey want to find out who did it, but of course they should also find out why. I can't think of a reason a person(s) would do this. Was this some kind of prank? It had to be an expensive one because 3,000 pairs of panties would cost a lot of money.Thats the only clue for now it had to be a person with a lot of money who did this.
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Breaking news: school bus full of teenagers dead of masturbating 42 times on Ohio highway.
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The clean up is going to take forever. Dudes are going to have a smell-a-thon.
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i think there prolly is a serial panty raider out there who is rich and was flying in his helicopter or small plane with his latest haul and it exploded, were there any coptor parts found near by?
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