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I started this thread back in June of 2007 with some evolutionary photos of my collection, starting back to 2005, with incremental increases in my collectionsize. Now yall can take this short evolutionary trek from where I started some 40 months ago and where I am now.

It starts on Jan. 9th 2005 when this 'addiction' began. I was in need of a new pair of shoes and it just so happened that pickyourshoes had some airtrainer 1 low 2004 retros. The simplicity of the colorway and price caught my eye. Soon I realize a whole "pack" is made in honor of the air trainerhigh.. That's where it began. The fascination with tinker hatfield aka the jordan guy, began. But it didnt start with the obvious choice of jordans. Thezoom trainer, the orginial air trainer 1, and the firsttake soon followed.
-Jan. 2005 to June. 2005-

Soon the vintage shoes catch my attention and i try my best to grab a few alternate air cross trainers from late 1980. Habits form and I start to stockpile myfavorite pairs and gain little variety in my collection during this time. I also manage to grab my first pair of Jordans. Today, they still remain my onlypair.
-July. 2005 to March 2006-

The expansion begins with other tinker designed shoes- the 180s, sc lows, and trainer sc IIIs.. not much occurs during this period:
-April 2006 to July 2006-


This next phase has almost a year in between photo sessions. This is where it all comes together. My favorite shoe models become evident- the zoom trainer 1mid,the air trainer 1, the trainer 1 low, and the trainer sc III become the mainstay in this collection. The Bo Jackson trainer phase soon gets a hold of meand a few vintage and retro pairs become a part of my possession.

-August 2006 to June 2007-

*note: the three ultraflights, shox status, taichi's and tmac1s were bought pre 2005 and werent accumulated post 2005.

UPDATE: 04/27/08

This latest evolutionary phase saw some downsizing in certain areas and growth inothers. Half my trainer 1s and IIIs get sold off as I continue to fight for the earlier 2000 released models. Another pair of ultraflights appears as well assome lebrons and some early 2008 trainer/runner releases.
-July 2007 to April 2008-

Here are some new photos. Most are in some sort of catergory:


^From one of the originial nikes, the oregon waffle, to the 1972 cortez classic, we jump all the way up to the 90s, with tinkers air 180followed with a structure triax 1991. To close out the nike portion, we have the very first air max 360 '06.

Here's where the real running gets done in. Up front we have the new Brooks Trance 7 stability running shoe. The dirtier stepchildbehind it is the Brooks trance 6. Behind that is a Asics Gel Racer marathon style light running shoe and a GT-2110 .

Can't go wrong with a reebok classic shoe. Behind that is a pretty beat up pair of NB 717 running, and then lastly an Adidas dc crosstraining shoe.

Next up is

Still my only Jordan, its the 2003 III retro. Behind that is the air 2 strong low 2007 retro, a Lebron IV bball shoe, a retro model ofthe 1996 air uptempos, and lastly a pair of 2003 shox status (one of the first shox shoes to be introduced)

My favorites right here. Released in mid to late 2002, these Zoom Ultraflight shoes are just a basketball players dream to play in. 4pairs says a lot. I can't find much that can compete with these 6 years later so hoarding habits ensue for me.

Two Non Nikes include the orginial TMAC I adidas shoe. The pair in front of that is an AND1 Tai Chi model. Id estimate they are from late1990s. Marbury, Sprewell, Vince Carter in the dunkcontest are just a few bball players who wore them.

One of my only Tennis shoes. the newly released Air Tech Challenge IIs:


I'll now Jump into the heart and sole of what I enjoy to wear: Cross Trainers:

What better way to start than with the first cross training shoe, the Air Trainer High.Not many know this but the air trainer 1 we all know of as the originial air trainer wasn't planned that way. The originial concept sketches featured manycomplex design elements for its time.

Originial Concept Sketches:

Of course, out of these three, We saw this last one in full sample form. Even then though, The sample shots from below DID NOT become that firstair trainer high.

Sample Production Models:

What's interesting and I'll talk more later about it later is that this sample model had a seperated grey toe segment. This from myunderstanding caused many problems construction wise and had to be changed. With its then current 1986 technology, this design was not feasible. A few minortweaks were made and the final product released.

My 1990 released product:

What better way to salute this great model than to have the retros:

2000 AT1 retro:

2002 & 2008 Wimbledon/Mcenroe Checkerboard tag:

Group shot of Reds and Greens:

Early 2000 nike air trainer 1 SB (first edition):

Vintage Takeoffs from the air trainer high:
The late 1980s featured dozens if not hundreds of variations of the air trainer 1.

This blue accented shoe has the upper of an air trainer 1 blended with that of a bo trainer sc I, plus the REVERSE lace holdersof the Jordan III. This shoe is the ultimate hybird.

This red accented trainer has an upper that looks like a bo trainer sc I. But this upper not only is all leather, but there is avisible Swoosh on both sides of the shoe. The bo SC I only has a lateral swoosh. Add in a trainer 1 outsole, and again, this model is your hybrid of 2-3 othertrainer models.

This 1993 model looks nothing like its air trainer 1 counterparts. After 1992, the cross training genre took a wholedifferent approrach.

SC I (first Bo Jackson trainer):

A little bit of downsizing here from the last photoshot. Sticking to the truebasics.


I have everything covered here. From a early 2000 waterproof sc LOW, to a jordan elephant print themed low. Youalso have your raider colored 2006 retro, another early 2000 white based model and finally the inspiration of it all, a 1990 originial infrared model.

This originial infrared model is just so bright and vibrant, it puts the retros to shame. Listenup nike, GET THESE OUT.

Trainer MAX 1991 & 1994:

The Grey and Yellow trainer max 91 was another one of Bo Jackson's Signature shoes.

Trainer 1 low 2004 retro:
Tinker's originial air trainer 1 low was retroed in 2004. Here is an originial sketch of whathe envisioned:

Final retro product:

Tinker's Originially designed air trainer 1. TOO advanced to create in 1986, this model was introduced as a brand new modelin 2004. Air Trainer 1 low FT (firsttake):


Final Product:

A model of this importance seemingly got left out to dry when it was released. No one seems to know it even exists.

2004 Zoom Haven:

Unique in every aspect. From the lace locking strap that connects to the heel to provide a snug fit, to the booty design of the actualupper. Looking at the outsole, it gets even more creative.

2004 Zoom Trainer 1 mid.
The originial 1987 Air Trainer 1 High had a true rebirth in 2004. The team at Nike redesignedthe air trainer 1 with newer technologies and materials.

The originial 1986 inspiration:

The concept sketches:

Using the zoom haven and the originial air trainer 1, the zoom trainer was blended into the ultimate performanceshoe.

The Final 2004 production model:

With the resurgence of retro trainers, Nike also had some white label clothing products to go with their shoes.

-2004 zoom haven +1987 air trainer high = 2004 zoom trainer 1 mid ENFUSION tee:

White label track suit:
colors match the following: zoom trainer 1, trainer 1 low, zoom haven, trainer 1 low firsttake, and your originial air trainer 1.:

Hope that wasn't too much of an update. Enjoy that short history lesson.

UPDATE: 08/11/08
I found some time to finally get some new family shots set up and complete.
4-5 new additions since my last posting in april.

-May 2008 to August 2008-

UPDATE: 10/27/08
Not many changes since my last update in August. I lost a chlorophyll and a zoom trainer mean green, traded away a med ball for anothermed ball and more importantly gained a hard to find air trainer michigan and two more SCs. It appears now i've maximized my collection size and am findingmany pairs to be unneeded and thus traded away for others. Variety is finally picking up somewhat.

1990 originial vs 1999 retro:

new family shot coming soon
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great collection...
love your air trainers....nice OG pair you've got...maybe some close ups of those, if you have time
some real vintage heat you've got....

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That's what i'm talking about :pimp:

haha Nice stuff Wally :lol:
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Nice Stuff.
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Nice collection. I love all of your OG trainers.
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You have a very admirable collection. Big ups on your perserverence. I really enjoyed how you have monitored your own purchasing trends.
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very nice to see no overly hyped shoes.
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man you have the trainer game on lock
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Very nice....one of the most unique collections i've seen. Nice medicine balls...
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