$5 paypal for anyone who can find me this jacket

Joined Jul 5, 2005
Not sure if this is the proper section but i didn't see any sections pertaining to getting help finding a specific garment. Mods please move if necessary.I have $5 paypal for anyone who can find me this jacket somewhere online in a size Medium. ebay Auction, website, whatever....

Joined May 24, 2006
That splatter print/cement print looks to be a custom. I dont think MNN would come out with that type of style.
Joined May 18, 2005

the spot I copped from said only big sizes left, it was cheaper tho.

also 2 other M&N spots I went to (one being myshirtsco.com) said they ordered it and it never came so they are a bit "rare"

pablo... I was just waiting to find some IVs

(and no I dont wear the hat + Jacket at the same time)
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