5 reason you cant blame..

jw air

Joined Jan 5, 2009
does anybody like this show

i just think it has the most stupid reasons for sports "mishaps"

(the one i watched was for chris webbers infamous timout)

heres part one of the kobe episode


Joined Jan 19, 2007
Very good shoe. It's amazing how the last new episode was 3 years ago, yet I watch the reruns religiously.
Joined May 3, 2003
they really need to bring this back

top five reasons you can't blame...

- vince for screwing bret
- shaq for being an immature child
- espn for slurping bret favre

so much potential here.
Joined Nov 10, 2008
thats stupid

Shaq left because HE WANTED 20 MILL A YEAR BUT LAKERS DIDNT WANNA GIVE IT TO HIM. why do you think Shaq only wanted to go to teams that could afford such acontract.

Shaq is the main reason to blame. He did it in Orlando, Miami and soon in Phoenix.
Joined May 3, 2003
did you watch the episode?

the number one reason you can't blame kobe for the breakup was because jerry buss wasn't going to pay shaq.

this show is awesome because it makes people think, but most of the people who watch bspn aren't thinkers, so they don't make new episodes.
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