50 Best Things About Growing Up In South Florida

Jan 9, 2007
In no particular order

1. Goombay
2. Dade County Youth Fair
3. 183rd Street Flea Market (aka CarolMart)
4. Fish City
5. Calle Ocho
6. Sugar Hill DJ's (R.I.P Uncle Al)
7. Bootleg Radio stations in the late 90's - early 2000's
8. Pac-Jam
9. Soul Bowl
10. Broads from Hialeah Gardens/Miami Lakes
11. Grand Prix Race O Rama
12. Cloverleaf Bowling Alley
13. Enchanted Forest
14. Haulover Beach
15. Broads that went to Miami-Dade
16. The Orange Bowl
17. Club Rolexx
18. "I Wanna Rock"
19. Carol City vs. Miami High basketball in the late 80's
20. Canes vs. FSU
21. When South Beach first got it poppin, Cameo, Amnesia, Glam Slam
22. ***** that live in Coral Springs
23. MLK day Parade
24. Summer Fest
25. Concerts at the Miami Arena
26. Ridiculous high school GPA's
27. NW 119 st.
28. Miami Subs
29. Cocowalk
29. High school bands with the scandalous shows
30. Barry White "The Way She Moves, Look At Her"
31. Mango season
32. Memorial Day in the 90's
33. Bayside
35. Poison Clan
36. Sawgrass Mills
37. Pollo Tropical
38. The City Boy Slide
39. Jamaican girls in Norwood
40. Not needing directions to go to places you've never been before (numbered streets)
41. AFC East football games
42. Conch Fritters
43. The view of downtown from the 36th street bridge
44. Channel 7 news
45. 99 Jamz
46. 1987-1988
47. Jam Pony Tapes
48. Getting fake ID's at the Swap Shop
49. Back To School Jams
50. Media Noche's

Add any more if you like
Amen !
I wear my jays, just like i've weared my ex g/f's :smile: (Don't tell me you aren't gonna put on the J's here and there now ) :smile:
7. Bootleg Radio stations in the late 90's - early 2000's
Team Florida
The Real Drrty Drrty
Reppin Miami-305!!​
Great List.

I dj'd at a number of Underground Stations back then
96.1 ( was located in the bank building on 183 by the mall)
91.9 Flava

Jam Pony tapes were amazing use to buy them at Oakland Park Flea

Can we add

Charlies patries beef patty store
How can I be down Confrence the first two years
Bannana Boat restaurant
Swap Shop ( place is just huge )
King Waggy T
Krystals Night Club on 441

God I miss South Florida grew up in a development called Tree Gardens on Oakland Park and 55th ave.

Moved to Woodment, then to Rio Vista
I grew up in Carol City, then moved to Miami Lakes.

A few that missed the list:

Jamaican patties
Ely vs. Dillard (grew up in Dade so I never went but heard about it)
Captain Crabs
missing school for tropical storms/hurricanes
Six Flags Atlantis
good list, some of them were before my time so i cant fully relate.

missing school for tropical storms/hurricanes
^ Yea when you said Sugar Hill DJ I was like damn cuz took it back..

47. Jam Pony Tapes

You already know

36. Sawgrass Mills

22. ***** that live in Coral Springs

You already know!

11. Grand Prix Race O Rama

Yo...I still got brand new coins from them

33. Bayside
Team Florida
The Real Drrty Drrty
Reppin Shallowside-954!!​
By far my most favorite thread of the entire NT, six flags was great, any corl springs head another great memory was Galaxy Roller Rink and when i played for North Lauderdale football we had a huge fight against Coral Springs ( I didnt do much fighting but the CS teams was running into strangers houses ).

I miss Castle Grand Prix.
My 305 Nters!!

Cant forget FCAT day's and the entire school district on a small stretch of beach. (southpoint)
K.R.E.A.M ya digg?
I wouldn't put Zoe's as one of the best things about Miami, but definately memorable.

Northwestern and Carol City were the official high schools as far as sports, parties, dope boys, etc., but Norland, American, NMB, and Killian had the broads. I put work in at all of those schools.
I am heading back from ATL tommorrow gonna head by the old neighboorhood ( oakland park and 55th tree Gardens ) I remember waiting for the city but by the wall and throwing rocks at it why becuase we were stupid kids.
working at galaxy skateway in north lauderdale
RIP Kim Roberts

Charlies Pastrys in sunrise after drug court

and of coarse all the ***** in coral springs that used to come to galaxy skateway
I remember Galaxy before they had smoke machines and all that garbage. A lot of good memories there :smokin
^ yea! all those parties as a kid where fun as hell! what ever happened to that place?
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